Rebel Beta - Bioshock2013 [CLOSED]

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Personal Bio

I am a 27 year old mother of twins with a passion for getting lost in a good piece of literature. Although being a parent takes up a good portion of my time, I'm on Wattpad any chance I get, running my own Walking Dead Book Club and doing my weekly reviews on RebelBC. I'm always looking for new things to do and pursue!

I have a knack for helping writers with plot, character development and helping you tackle writer's block. But, I'm also able to assist with grammar and spelling.

I have a big old soft spot for anything involving The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, Bioshock and Rick and Morty (wabba labba dub dub). I also love to sit at my piano and belt out a song or two, preferably Adele or Amy Winehouse.

Preferred Genres

I don't have any preference of genre, but I have had experience helping others with their The Walking Dead Fanfictions and romance pieces. I'm definitely up for anything with mature themes, bring it on!

Non-Preferred Genres

Although I love reading poetry, I don't think my knowledge of the art form would be sufficient to assist you.

Relevant Experience

I've always been drawn to writing as a means of creative expression. I've been a member of The Rebel Book Club for a while now, and have picked up a few tips and tricks that I've found very useful. I've also been a beta for a few of the members in my book club.

Projected Time Frame

Depending on the length of the chapters, I could commit to a minimum two chapters a week. However, this can be negotiated when you lodge your application.

Communication Preference

Either Wattpad or Slack are great!

Want to Pitch Bioshock2013?

Want to Pitch Bioshock2013?

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