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Personal Bio

I have a BA in History with a minor in English, and a Masters in Information. All that means is I know a lot about a little and can spot bullshit from a mile away. It also means I can help with research, if necessary, and that I tend to be strict on getting the little details right so that the story is authentic.

I truly believe that most stories have a seedling of something fantastic waiting to bloom. It might require intensive pruning to get there, but with patience, effort and relative objectivity it can happen.

I'm willing to help beginning writers get to a level where they feel confident in their writing skills and stories, but I will not coddle you. I am harsh. I am blunt. I am fair. I am here to work with you and for you to make your story better. If you are sensitive and/or don't take criticism well, you probably do not want me.

I focus on most aspects of the story structure: grammar, syntax, flow, character development, continuity, fact checking (basic sniff test), word choice, clarity, tone and enhancing your writing style. I will point out elements of your story that might have touchy subjects, but I am not a sensitivity reader.

With that being said, I dislike trope-laden stories, particularly those featuring teenage billionaires, instalove, innocent girls with more experienced men, stereotypical military badassery, sparkly vampires, uber-male alphas, petite but spunky/fierce girls, etc.

I will beta stories of any popularity or state of completion, although I prefer works about to be rewritten/published and chapters under 4k words. I read English only.

I am adult fiction, LGBTQIA+, mature, and non-fiction friendly. I will not read religious stories of any type.

Preferred Genres

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen Fiction, Chicklit, Historical Fiction, LGBT+, Paranormal, Non-Fiction, Werewolf, Vampire and Short Stories with elements of these genres.

Non-Preferred Genres

Anime, Billionaire, Creepypasta, Fanfiction, Humor, Imagines, Poetry, Random, Spiritual

Relevant Experience

Along with some some beta-experience both on Wattpad (individually and with the Rebel Elite and Wonder Writers book clubs) and off, I've read extensively in my preferred genres and I have some editing experience.

Projected Time Frame

I can do 2-3 chapters per week, particularly if they are short (under 2k words). I do prefer works with fewer chapters as opposed to more, as those will take me quite a bit of time to get through.

Communication Preference

Wattpad for communication, and Google Documents for beta'ing. I live in the USA (EST).

If I am interested in your application, I will most likely ask you to PM me (via Wattpad) with an outline of your plot and more details of what sort of help you'd like from me. This does not mean I will beta for you, just that I'd like more information of your story and goals, and want to talk arrangements and expectations in private before we both commit.

Unsolicited PMs will be deleted.

*Exclusivity: If you query another Beta, or if another Beta has already accepted to work on your story, please inform me to avoid doubling-up or comment conflict.*

Want to Pitch djhowty?

Want to Pitch djhowty?

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