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Scary Things To Do (Alone and With Friends)

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See some scary distorted imagery in the dark?

Close your eyes, lean in 15 inches closer, open your eyes.


Next time you hear the sound of random footsteps, noise coming from the other room or hallway,

Turn your head away from the source of the noise, crack the door open, and stick your hand outside.


Does your house have stairs?

Shut off all the lower level lights, and walk slowly upstairs. Backwards.


Hang hoodies, jackets, ect. around a room.

Wait until nighttime. Stare at a light for about 15 minutes. Turn off all the lights. Look around.


Go into a room, close the door. Sit about 3 feet from a corner.

Face the corner. Don’t turn around no matter what for 25 minutes.


Scary Things To Do With Friends

Hide and Seek in the dark can be terrifying for the people hiding and for the seeker. Imagine having to poke around in dark corners looking for someone.


Flashlight Tag is a great game to play at night. The person who is “it” tags the others by shining the light on them and calling their names.


Murder in the Dark is the probably the most fun game to play at night. Find a decently sized room that you can completely darken. Cut out pieces of paper. You’ll want one piece for each person playing. It works best if you have 5 or more people. On one piece write “Detective.” On another write “Murderer.” On all the rest write “Victim.” Everyone should draw a piece of paper from a pile. The detective turns off the lights and leaves the room. Everyone else walks around in the dark room. The murderer should feel around in the room to find a victim. When he does, he should tap the person three times. When someone is murdered, he should scream and lie down. The murderer can try to tap as many victims as he can before the lights come on. When someone screams, the detective should come back into the room and turn on the lights. Everyone in the room should freeze where they are. The detective tries to figure out who the murderer was by asking everyone questions. If he guesses correctly, he wins. If he is wrong the murderer should reveal who he was and he wins. Put the slips of paper back into the pile and play again.


Monsters in the Dark: Find a room that you can completely darken. Choose one person to be alone in the dark. That person sits on one side of the room by herself. Everyone else begins on the other side of the room.

The object of the game is to try to scare the person who is alone. The others can make scary noises. They can also sneak up to her and grab her.

Take turns being the person that the others try to scare.


Ghost Hunters: Find a large area that is completely dark. One person is the hunter. He or she has to find the ghost. The ghost will run around and try not to get caught. The ghost also has to try to make the hunter scream. He or she can do anything they want as long as it is not painful. If the hunter catches the ghost, then they win. If the ghost makes the hunter scream then they win.

Other things to know: To catch the ghost the hunter has to grab the ghost and "lock them up". This just means to take them to an area you make the "dungeon". If you complete that the hunter wins.The ghost wins if they make the hunter scream. They can sneak up on them or throw something at them when they don't know. Don't get dirty and hurt someone. The last thing is the ghost can escape if they get caught. To be fun set up traps. This go's to both hunter and ghost.

*If you try anything on this section, I am not to blame if something happens. I highly recomend you do NOT PLAY THEM because you don't "play" with the unknown. If you want to try these, do so at your own risk.*

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