We're Brothers (Justin Bieber and Jason Mccan)

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This story is inspired from Step Brothers and Evil Bieb Vs Mama's Boy in JBFF&JBFF+

I just love their stories so much, that i decide to write one. Hope u guys will love it and this is my first story by the way so go easy on me please.


After 16 years being separated because of a mistakes, the twins finally reunite.

Jason's been living in the orphanage while Justin is now a Pop star.

Jason have a bad boy attitude while Justin is sensitive and sweet

They are very different but they are still brothers and Justin will do anything to bring out the soft side of Jason but little did he knows that someone's been stalking him.

Read to find out.

I post this on JBFF but didn't get enough reviews hope i'll get enough reviews here.

P.S: This is not a gay story as much as i love reading cute gays fanfics but this is a family story.

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