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you need a little rain for a rainbow

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Hey my name is Haley James im 15 years old im an only child my mum is a stay at home mum and my dad works for the government I don’t know what exactly he does as it is all top secret. We have to move to America Texas la Vienna never heard of it and I bet it is just some small town what no one ever hears of. Anyway so my dad has to move over there and we agreed to go with him me and my mum even though I don’t want to go but I have to. The story begins….

About an hour ago I was stood in the middle of the airport saying good bye to my best friend Samantha or as I call her sammi she is my best friend we have known each other since our first year in school and now I was leaving her. Sammi was the other half of me and I don’t know what im going to do without her by my side but she is coming up when she is on summer break which is in about 3 weeks so I can’t wait . So now im on a plane to some crap town called la Vienna sorry for my words but im not happy I don’t want to move and lose my best friend. After a 7 hour flight from the UK to Texas we were finally that was the longest plane journey ever I just sat there trying to sleep or crying my eyes out my dad has been over here for a week he was getting the house ready for us and bring stuff over. We went and got our suit cases. My dad wasn’t waiting outside for us some man with a sign with JAMES on it he was in a very posh expensive looking black and white suit what a way to make up for me moving to this place I don’t even get to see my dad when I all I want is a hug of him. The man drove us home His name was Karl he said to us on the drive home  “Haley your dad said he is sorry for not coming to get you two from the airport but he has a surprise for you when you get home.”  It was about a half a hour drive from the airport we turned into a road with had a dead end it was a lovely neighbourhood big houses its looked like something from a film it was so quite ( was I beginning to like this place? I couldn’t I haven’t even been inside my own house yet   We pulled up to the house it was 2 floors and there was 2 cars in the drive way the house was amazing I couldn’t wait until sammi could see it in the summer. We walked into the  house it was amazing I looked around down stairs a big kitchen 2 living rooms and dining area and stairs going into a basement? I walked down the stairs and it was a games room a big tv on the wall a couch a ping pong table and best of all giant speakers and sound proof walls I ran up to the kitchen to tell my mum when I see my dad I ran up to him and gave him the biggest huge I could think of it was nice to see us all together for once even though my mum is a stay at home mum she is out quite a lot doing god knows my dad said “So haley have you seen your room yet there is a present up there for you” I looked at my mum and she had a cheeky smile on her face so I ran upstairs and looked in each room seeing which one is mine I finally found it it had purple carpet with  light purple walls a double bed and the typical stuff you have in your room however on the bed was a small red box as I opened it I pulled out a key i ran down stairs but my mum and dad was walking out the front door and there it was a White audi but I didn’t understand I have only had a few months of driving tests but it turns out I could drive over here ( okay it’s time to admit it I do like this place but I haven’t seen it all yet) So since its summer break over here I just stayed in for the first few days over the few days I just went and sunbathed outside by the small pool we have I know cool right a pool at my house! I soon realised I had to go shopping for clothes my dad was at work and my mum was out at some women’s house  everyone in this neighbourhood seemed to be old no one my age so I decided to pick up my keys and drive to the mall I walked into a few shops and bought nothing I decided to go to the food court and get whatever they had. I got a costa hot chocolate and some chicken nuggets from mc Donald’s I seen some girls staring at me when I was eating they came over and went “Hii my name is Georgia and she is

ermena but we all call her mena” “Hi im mena “ this was akward… “Hi do I know you?”

“Ye im Georgia I live a few blocks away from you”

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