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Jungkook pinned you down on the bed, with a smirk on his lips. you tried to kick him, but you leg accidentally brushed against his groin, making him release a sudden moan.

Jungkook: Are you doing that on purpose, hmm?

his hand hovering over your buttocks, it stayed there, teasing you.

You: N-No..

grabbing your hands, he slipepd it inside his shirt and hovered it above his abs. your hand felt like it's out of your control as it slowly caress his abs

then suddenly, he slid it downward. you can literally hear your heart beat for you are so nervous. your index and middle finger tugged on the band of his boxers.

you: th-this is wro—

he shushed you and then you felt it. the erected veiny shaft. he wrapped his hand with your around his lenght, slowly moving it up and down. whimpers leaving his lips.

he made you do it on your own. he then moved to professionaly removing your clothes. you moaned as he cupped your breasts. his thumb flicking your erected nubs makes you moan, you bit your bottom lip as you try to keep your moans. but jungkook decided to kiss you.

jungkook: i want to hear you moans..

he shakily spoke between the kiss, you subconsciously fastened the flick of your wrist.

you felt his hand near your wet entrance,

jungkook: c-can i?

you nodded your head unhesitatingly. there it is, the pleasurable sensation that made you moan out loud, his thumb rubbing your clit.

Jungkook: You're very wet for me..

then suddenly he inserted a finger inside you, a whimper leaving your lips. your wrist came to a stop as you forget about everything. another after another. soon there are four fingers coming in and out of you.

you: a-hh~ jungko—

jungkook: call me daddy..

you: d-daddy~!





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