author's note+who is Sasha?

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Hello its me again author dude and I've wanted to ask you guys a question and answer one of the common comments I get.
First of all
Who is Sasha?
Sasha it the exceed of y/n its just that I have forgotten that I named her melody and got confused on who's name to write.
So if you read Sasha or melody they r the same its just that I got mixed up srry.
Should I skip to the part where agnolia comes to attack them to speed up the process or should I just keep going with the chapters and not skipping?
Anyways that's all thank u all again for reading this book!!
It always makes me happy opening up the app and seeing your guy's comments and how many people have read this it has come so far thank you!!!!!!!!!
I guess that's all if you have any ideas please tell me!! I love reading how creative you are!! Also ill try to post tomorrow! !
Thank u to SuperAnimeLover2000 for the great idea!!
See u tomorrow~ ~

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