Chapter One

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Shoutout to @kpg13f for this idea
Hope you like it....

Your POV

"Lo, I'm gonna need you to redo the last part. The mic didn't pick it up," I told the younger girl. She groaned and placed the headphones back on her head. She redid the last verse and took off the headphones. I stopped the recording and signaled for her to come out of the booth. I played back the song and she loved it.

"This is so fucking dope, Y/N," the green eyed girl exclaimed and hugged me tightly.

"You remember how I told you Kehlani needs help with one of her songs?" she asked and I nodded. She knew about the small crush I had on Kehlani.

"Well, I kinda just told her that you'd be willing to do it right now," she told me.

"Lauren, it's two o'clock in the morning," I told her slightly angry.

"I kn-" she was cut off by a knock on the door.

"Lani," Lauren squealed, running over to the tattooed girl.

"Hey, boo. How are you?" Kehlani said, returning a hug to the girl.

"I'm fine. This is Y/N. Y/N, This is Kehlani," she said introducing me to the curly hair girl.

"We've met before, Lo. Nice to see you again," I told her as I shook her hand.

"Nice to see you, too," Kehlani said shyly.

"I'm gonna go and leave you two to work some magic," Lauren said and grabbed her things. She hugged us and left.

"So... what can I help you with?" I asked her and took a seat.

"I have this song and a beat, but I don't think the song goes with it. I was wondering if you can help with that. Lauren says you have fire beats," Kehlani said sitting in the chair beside me.

"Can I listen to the song?" I asked her. She nodded and pulled her laptop out of he backpack. She pulled up the song and played it.

"The tempo is too fast for this song. If I slowed it down, it wouldn't work. You're already sing the song faster than it should be, so you need a different beat. Plus whoever made it is trash," I explained. She giggled and nodded in agreement. I played her a better beat and she loved it.

"This is fire," she said and tapped her fingers to the beat.

"Thanks. Now all we need is for you to sing the song at the right tempo. Lets record it now," I told her. She nodded excitedly and went into the booth. She started singing and I fell in love. The whole time she recorded, we never took our eyes off of each other. We ended up staying in the studio until about noon the next day. I was extremely tired and so was Kehlani.

"I think we should call it a day. I'm tired and hungry as fuck," Kehlani said and yawned, which made me yawn. She giggled at me.

"There's this cool little spot a few blocks away. We can go there," I offered. She stood up to stretch.

"What are we waiting for? Let's go," she said happily. I chuckled at her cute antics. I turned everything off, cleaned up and packed up all of my shit.

"You ready to go?" I asked her. She looked up and nodded. I opened the door for her and watched her walk out, before walking out of the studio. We walked side by side to the elevator. She pressed the button and we waited for the elevator to come up. I rubbed my eyes and leaned up against the wall. Kehlani was focused on her phone, so she didn't see me studying her side profile. As we waited for the elevator, some girl came up and stood next to us waiting for the elevator. Kehlani seemed to tense up and looked up from her phone just with her eyes. Her eyes flicked back down to her phone.

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