Chapter 1

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[Reader's POV]

When you're eighteen and told that you're going to be a mother, it's an obvious eye opener. The moment you decide, am I going to commit? Or am I going to give up?

Luckily for me, I committed. Of course those around me weren't happy with my decision to keep my child, yet ever carry through the pregnancy, they were there.

Except my childs father.

Just like any other fanfiction like this one, he left before I got the chance to tell him. Don't get me wrong, I was going to tell him but I guess the timing was wrong.

He told me he was leaving to peruse his dream, become a dancer and show the world what he has and that was exactly what he did. Left me on the side before I could say anything, claiming it would be best if we stayed out of each other's lifes and cutting all contact with each other.

But now, five years later, I was happy we cut each other out of our lives. Looking at him now makes me realize how big of a douche bag he is.

The moment they handed me my child I was in love. My mother always told me, 'I understand you're happy, but you have to tell him.' But I would always respond with the same answer--

"I will mom, don't worry." I reassure her as I attempt to catch Haejin, who ran around but ass naked. "I have to go, your grandson is being a BRAT." I say loud enough for him to hear, luckily bringing him to a stop.

"I am not a brat!" He yells. I hang up the phone and stand with my hands on my hips.

"Well you're acting like one," I say making Haejin gasp dramatically. "Now get your clothes on, we're going to your uncles."

Haejin gasps even louder. "Uncle Hoseok?" He asks in a whisper like tone making me laugh and nod my head. "oH My gOd." Haejin soon runs off to get dressed.

For an almost-five-year old he sure does have quite the personality, he gets it from his mother. His features, he got from his father which is probably the only good thing he has from him. Black hair, dark brown eyes and fair skin.

"Mom!" Haejin yells to capture my attention. I look down at the small boy who now had clothes on along with a backpack hooked around his shoulders. "Are you okay?"

I smile at his sweetness and nod my head. "Just fine, love. Are you ready?" I ask to which the small boy answers by jumping up and down.

"Will uncle Hoseok be happy to see me? Do you think he can teach me the dance he's been working on? Do you think-"

"Haejin," I warn. Haejin shuts his mouth as I buckle him into his booster seat. "Yes he'll be happy to see you and I don't know if he'll teach you, it won't hurt to ask." I say as I shut the car door and climb into the drivers seat.


"Uncle Hoseok!" Haejin screeches as we walk into his home. Hoseok walks out of the kitchen screeching back.

"My amazing, utterly adorable nephew!" He yells making me chuckle as the two boys envelop each other in a bone crushing hug. Hoseok looks up at me and laughs. "Hello sister." He greets as I wave.

I take a seat on the couch with a sigh. "It's been a long day." I complain. Hoseok sits down next to me, Haejin playing in front of us with the toys that he packed.

"Oh yeah? Well, at least its Friday." He says making me nod my head as I kept my eyes glued on Haejin. Hoseok notices my staring state. "Y/n, will Haejin ever know?"

"About what? That he doesn't have a father or any idea of who he is?" I sarcastically reply. Hoseok tilts his head to the side making me sigh. "No and he never will. Even if we somehow get back into contact and he finds out, Haejin will be the last to know."

Hoseok places his hand on my shoulder, rubbing it slowly. "It'll be okay," He reassures. "The only reason I ask is because of Haejin's birthday next week." Hoseok says making me nod.

"I can't believe he's going to be five, these five years went by like minutes and soon he'll be in kindergarten, then elementary and soon high school. Oh mY gOd." I groan.

Hoseok chuckles. "It'll be okay Y/n, let's just hope he isn't like his father in high school." He says making me laugh.

"Only god can hope at this point."



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