chapter 17

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The adult and teens stood at the edge of the entrance Teenage tenten decided to stay with the kids or neji decided for her. "I havent felt this ready in a long time." Tenten glared at the moon who was still showing in yhe morning sky .

" Team , HEAD OUT !!" F-naruto ordered . millisecond by millisecond their bodies disappeared immediately .

Tree branches slightly creaked as the variety of ninja shoes tapped on them . " everyone got the plan or do i need to repeat it ." Tenten commanded . " No , ma'am!" They say altogether .

Ten ten wanted to say ' just call me tenten .' but she remembered that their were more tenten's . ' don't worry tenji , we're going to save you ' tenten thought to herself.

Suddenly something huge dropped in front of everyone dust flying everywhere . Tenten Gasp at the huge Sand best . " WHAT THE HELL !!!" P-naruto cursed as he remebered he saw the beast somewhere .

Something else huge dropped behind them making a few of them almost fall off .  "OH man HoLy Shit !" Kiba cursed this time . it was silent when a voice whispered " S-shukaku ." F-Gaara eyes widen in horror .

It was way bigger then it usually was . "Someone brung the beast when they had finally turned large ." Kakashi hissed . Suddenly , Yamato appeared scarung the living shit out of a lot of people. 

" Someone almost invaded the hidden village but a lady by the name of queen had caught them . The village has been sent to evacuation.  " Yamato reported. " I think this person doesn't like queen being here and thats a large problem if they have the same powers as her. " F-shikamaru stated .

" I think it is jealousy . " P-shikamaru said ." about what ?" Teen sai say.  " dunno." P-shikamru shrugs.  Suddenly a more human like character appeared making everyone be on gaurd. 

" w-wait its me queen , im just my human self." She say quickly.  She had on ninja wear.  her skin was brown , and her hair in a curly afro . " Wait your queen , in her natural state ." F-shikamaru pointed out .

" Yes this is the real me I just changed myself into another creature but im human . Anyways , get these , Stick 10 on each of these beast head , any place of the head , and say 'return' each time you stick a sticker , got it !"

She quickly say as she gave all of it to the nearest person a.k.a lee . she suddenly fell down.  her eye turning into black, white , and grey dots like when the television system messes up . " That son of a bi-burnt nugget is disconnecting me. I'll be back I swear , and the past and teenagers can't di-" She was cut off as she suddenly disappeared. 

Everyone eyes widen in horror.  " ROOOOAAAAArrRrrrRr!!" the monsters roared in pained . The 1 tails and 4 Tails are finally awake

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