I'm a fairy princess........part 14

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I blinked, and I blinked and I blinked. But nothing happened. The scene just kept replaying itself over and over. I felt sick, I wanted to run, escape, get away; But I couldn't, I was trapped. Trapped by something I could never avoid. I could still see it, blood, death, war. I could still hear the screams as the echoed through the silence, I could sense energies dropping, Fairies, Werewolves, Angels, dying. It was something I couldn't avoid, something I couldn't run away from. It was my power.

That was the scariest part, that it was happening because of something I had once considered a gift. Something my people honored, something that I had once been able to control, weild to my own advantage. It scared me that it could turn against me like this, that something so pure, so good, could become so evil.

And then suddenly it was over, and I saw light. Flashing, blinding, light. And I wasn't sure if I should be glad, I didn't know what all this meant. I was oblivious to everything around me, I couldn't hear anything, I could only see the light, and I couldn't feel anything.

I reached out, desperate for something, someone, some sign that I was still alive. And I felt it, I felt a burning sensation, starting at my feet. I began to feel again, tingles spread up through my body. As feeling returned to my body, I realised that I was clutching something to my heart. I felt myself being hoisted from the ground and carried to another room.

Slowly my senses flooded back, and the scene, the screaming, it all stopped. Opening my eyes, I was relieved to find that my sight had returned. I searched the room that I was now in. The walls were white, the floor black marble, there were three doors, and when I looked into the first door, I found myself staring at a small, petite fairy that looked like she had been through h*ll. But looking around, searching for the girl but when I didn't find anyone I realised that that girl was me.

That small, scared, fairy was me. I was scared, and alone. I needed my family, I needed someone who cared, I needed my brother. He was the only person in this d*mn universe that understood how I felt. He was the only person that knew what I was thinking, without even looking at me.

"Saphira?", someone called softly.

"Yes?", I asked my voice hoarse and scratchy.

"What just happened?"

Turning around, I came face to face with Alan.

"Honestly I don't know", I mumbled feeling like I was going to cry. But I couldn't, I was the Princess Saphira I had to be strong, always.

"What did you see?", he asked quietly.

"I saw destruction, war, death", I replied trying not to think of it, but the scenes still came flashing back from memory.

"Who?", he asked.

"My parents, my sister, demons, all of the above"

"How do you know?"

"I saw them, I saw it all. I saw Fairies dying because they fought for there land, I saw shifters with no place to hide, and I saw angels running, but mostly annoyed with chaos."

"What exactly is happening, Saphira?" he asked concern and worry masking the anger in his voice.

"There planning something, something big, and its happening on the next full moon"

"Stay here and rest, I need to speak to my father", he muttered walking away into the silent hallway.

I just nodded, listening but not listening.

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