Alex Katz - Ada Katz

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Born 1927 ~  Title of painting : Ada Katz

His wife ... his lifetime muse 

subject to his pallet .

i can undoubtedly  paint you a million ways 

of muse dear Ada, justice. justice in simplicities 

rule. flat tone, you are beauty in every sense 

your soul  your mind your  sheerness 

hazel eyes 

and i admiring your every move of 

constitution  posed 

i place you dear Ada 

patience  love   devotion 

substance of security 

you are the air of which i breathe 

and i paint you simply beautiful 

within clouds of rain

sun  of shine 

and beaches of eternities stillness  

you are elegant  and i your brooding 

husband painting your lips as focal 

kissing your intuitive  smile 

you are   my    freedoms 

which we age  gracefully  under the 

spell of our children's  love 

and i will eternally swim in the 

pool of your pale pigments ;

of your intellect's  brow.

( his wife Ada is subject to over 250 portraits )

born 1927 

A figurative artist born in a Jewish Russian family 

living in Brooklyn, New York .

He was discovered as an artist of simplicities 

with bold heightened colours  considered 

''Pop art. "

 He , not only an artist of canvas , he an artist of 

materials discovered, wood , aluminum etc.

He,  known for his cool , seductive emotional 

detachment  which in return creates attachment 

his main muse , his wife. 

He is a quick artist , creating works within 

the time frame of mere hours. He is known 

for portraying  the social world of painters 

poets and critics and other peers. He worked 

to create art in the sense of " Faster than [he]

can think. "  ( very relatable. )

His works are not over indulged , they are simple 

clean lines and attractive. His works are considered 

"New Realism."  He painting from life. Clearly 

understandable, intriguing . 

His works often described as ''Cartoonish '' ~~

projecting an image to a large canvas via 

''pouncing'' - a technique used by Renaissance 

artists, using powdered pigments pushed through 

tiny perforations pricked into the cartoon 

used then as composition to the painting. 

He has destroyed thousands of paintings in order 

to find his unique style, in which he has.

It would be difficult to view his works and not 

feel association with what he creates. He creating 

the pigments as he worked on each painting, fresh 

and simple lines. 

I personally am very attracted to this international 

Russian artist's works. 

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