Calm The Fire: 88

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“Hold him down,” were the simple words which Tauriel spoke as she paused in her task of preparing the Kingsfoil which she had taken from Bofur earlier on. As she was doing this, the others had picked Kíli up off of the floor – much to his agonised protests – and placed him on the table. The table which had to get picked up off of the floor too. Everything from the Orc attack earlier had warranted everything to now being on the floor.

Reaching down, Tauriel removed the simple bandage which was wrapped around Kíli's leg. She looked at it sceptically and cast a look to Náriel. She wryly smiled from the other side of the room. She had tried her best with what she had to deal with the wound, and Tauriel could see that. Only, her best wasn't good enough because it had grown steadily worse. Though Tauriel was more than sure that Náriel was aware of this. There wasn't much she could have down if she didn't have the resources. But now they did, and everyone seemed to hope that it'd be enough.

Holding the Kingsfoil in her hands she commenced reciting an incantation and took to applying the plant to the wound. It took moments for Kíli to react and scream and trash on the table. Sigrid charged forwards and placed her hands on him in her best efforts to keep him still.

“Tilda!” She called out to her sister who came over seconds later and took to holding him down as well. As Tauriel continued the others surrounding had grasped onto Kíli's arms and legs too. But as Tauriel did continue, Kíli did also slow in his thrashing movements. He was calming down it seemed.

Moments later, Tauriel had finished and was simply standing dressing the wound properly. “I've heard tale of the wonders of Elvish medicine. That was a privilege to witness.” Óin said while moving over to where Fíli and Náriel stood. Fíli for the most part looked confused and sceptical and Náriel just looked to Óin and smiled lightly.

“I pray that is the only time you will have to witness it.” Náriel said at length, the two looked to her. She tilted her head to the side and smiled at the pair in front of her.

“Are you reminiscing, Náriel?” Fíli said while nudging her on the arm.


“I do believe you're lying.” Fíli wasn't buying her words. Despite of everything that had happened so far this evening, he couldn't help but joke with her. She was watching his brother and her friend with a distantly content expression. He just presumed she was reminiscing.

Náriel's eyes rolled up in his direction. “I have you know, your uncle and I didn't exactly meet like this.” She paused. “Properly meet, should I say. If I remember rightly, he followed me into the woodland which surrounded Erebor and believed me to be a half breed.”

Fíli double took, “No. Are you serious?” He smirked.

“Don't smile! I was highly offended! Or at least, I pretended to be just to pull a joke on him.” She exclaimed quietly and hit him on the arm playfully.

“I can imagine,” Fíli said though his tone was strained, he was trying not to laugh. Seconds later, Fíli was laughing quietly, she smiled and shook her head. It seemed Fíli was trying to take the half breed comment seriously, but just turned to thinking of the joke which would have ended on his uncle's expense. “Sorry, Náriel, truly I am.” He said while coughing awkwardly, his laughter had stopped at least for now. “So your first conversation must be a lasting memory.”

“Yes.” Náriel said awkwardly, Fíli looked at her curiously. “I don't think I’m going to forget our first meeting any time soon.”

Reaching up he placed a hand on her shoulder. “He will be all right.” Náriel's expression saddened slightly, but she tried to look grateful of his attempts at cheering her up.

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