11.1 Scarlett's Art Of Killing The Innocent

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Day after day passes by uneventfully until it's been almost a month since I reported Micheal for harassment. The investigative team is likely to announce it's findings today and come to a conclusion regarding the action that needs to be taken regarding Michael. Mira told me that Jules finally reported that he had been harassing her and I don't know what else the team needs as proof.

A month is more than enough time and I'm slowly losing my patience.

More importantly, it's been a month since Aiden moved to Boston.

I never really considered how it would be to be in a kind-of-sort-of long-distance relationship with someone. It's not a regular relationship either because Aiden and I didn't have much of a romantic relationship when he was here. Regardless, he acts like what we're doing is completely normal so I don't get the chance to point out how weird it is.

He calls almost every day, texts me the minute he has the chance to get a hold of his phone, and the videos that always make me smile have become a regular routine for us. Every time he goes somewhere new, there's a short video that I receive. When he's alone, he speaks and makes cheesy comments. If there are people around, he simply waves at the camera or smiles at the end of the video, sending a quick text asking me what I think. I smile throughout the day because of him now.

Brown leaves begin to fall off the dry branches as the temperature drops and an icy chill permeates the air I breathe in. The loose tops and shirts in my wardrobe are replaced by thick sweaters and jackets and my mom's favorite Chanel coats in a variety of colors and shapes. It's already started snowing in Boston -- which I came to know when Aiden sent me a video of the first snowfall of the year -- and I can expect the weather to grow chillier still in NYC soon enough.

"You spend more time on your phone than you do in real life these days," Mira points out over my mug of coffee.

Despite her biting tone, my eyes remain fixed on the screen of my phone as my fingers tap on the digital keyboard. Aiden has just gotten free and has a few minutes before he starts driving again, and I honestly couldn't care less about Mira's approval.

'I might come back to NYC at the end of the month,' Aiden has just told me.

My excitement knows no bounds.

'I can't wait to see you,' he adds.

'You have no idea how much I want to see you too. It'll be nice seeing you for real rather than through the lens of a camera.'

Aiden sends back multiple laughing emojis which make me smile instantly.

"Earth to Scarlett!" Mira waves a hand before my eyes.

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