Cheeto Nibbles

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"Shit," I say, "I think I messed up

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"Shit," I say, "I think I messed up."

We're  at Nibbles, like the best sex shop in town, and we're supply shopping for my Kinky as Fuck Christmas Party (which I have not mentioned to Diana yet), and I've got this red fur-lined corset and a black panties that say Santa's baby. I bet I look so fucking hot right now and if I could see myself,  I'd Instagram the fuck out of my reflection. Vince is gonna go wild ... especially when I force him to watch me go down on some human.

Mmmm or maybe I'll let Santos fuck me. Vince goes into a total rage whenever Santos comes anywhere near me. Santos is so pretty, with that long black hair and those abs. He's, like, miraculous and totally into me. You can just tell by the way his eyes burn when I'm staring at him, which is so sexy.Vince never looks at me like that. He's constantly fucking other girls and boys and only seems to be interested when I'm cuckolding him. Plus, he has that weird fixation on Chester, which I don't understand--I don't even think he likes Chester, but he's always so protective, acting like Chester's a rescue puppy because they were friends in high school or something. I don't get it. Chester weirds me out. Always staring.

"What do you mean, you think you messed up?" Lisa asks as she pulls on her panties. Lisa doesn't really do kinky lingerie, but I have talked her into a pair of candy-striped boy shorts for the  party. She's got a pink boa around her neck and she's twirling it self-consciously as she digs through a basket of freebie dildos.

"Could we hang these from strings?" she asks, holding up a glittery black rubber monster dong. I nod emphatically. Hell yes.

"I mean," I continue, going back to the original topic, "Diana's, like, really freaking out about the cup going missing."

Lisa pushes her dreadlocks out of her face and glances in my direction, though she can't quite bring herself look directly at me while I'm half naked. She's still totally squeamish about her sexuality, which is kinda cute. I'm having fun corrupting her. I can't wait to get her in the sack — she's got a totally great look going for her, total mountain girl, and she has such a great ass, round and firm like a beach ball. I am so jealous of that ass. Lisa totally doesn't deserve it. I mean, I have a great ass, but I work for it. I do my squats. Lisa just ... I don't know what Lisa does, but she's got good genes, because she gardens all day and I still want that ass.

"Are you the one who took it?" Lisa asks me.

"No! I mean, not really. I borrowed it, but someone else took it first, I think, because  it was just sitting out in her room, not in that box."

"Ugh, you really did fuck up," Lisa says. "I can't believe you fucking turned someone."

"I know."

"Oh well.,I'm not sure why Diana gets to be in charge of it anyway," Lisa continues. "I mean, yeah, she found it and all, but who gave her the power to decide who gets to become a vampire? Seems like it should be democratic. She's not the V judge."

"Agreed. She acts all superior, like she's the only one who can be trusted with it, but she's the one who decided to invite Santos to the circle. Practically forced it on him.

"Yeah, I mean, I needed that cup. Sarah's so much fun to play with and I felt bad feeding on her."

Speaking of feeding, I cross the room to take a sip from our store clerk, who is waiting for me behind the counter. He isn't an ideal choice for our evening snack—all pudgy and pale and he hasn't bathed in days and his blood tastes slightly like Cheetos and his thoughts are so dirty I felt like I needed to take a bath after I took a look inside him. It's like a garbage can inside his skull. There isn't a disgusting thought this asshole hasn't had, but what can you expect from a guy who works the graveyard shift at a porn shop, really? At least he's making our shopping trip an exclusive event. He locked the door for us and put a CLOSED sign in the window. Once we're finished shopping, he's going to let us walk out the door with all the whips and handcuffs and leashes and naughty videos we have piled up on the counter—all the gifts I'll be giving out at the Naughty As Fuck Party.

"You need bigger bags," I tell the poor fool before lean in to I feed on him. Meanwhile I'm wondering: Can blood give you Cheeto breath?

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