Tsuna meet a person she dream

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Before the hand touch Tsuna. 

'' It's rude to raise hand on lady'' Someone appear between the leader gang and Tsuna

'' Who are you?'' leader pissed

Tsuna gap and familiar this person but she not remember when she met him.

'' Are you okay little animal?'' He  ignore leader gang and turn his face to Tsuna.

'' I am okay'' Tsuna answer his question but his tone look familiar on her

'' Damn answer my question bastard!!'' leader gang pissed the the person who suddenly appear between him and Tsuna ignore his question

Leader gang use his fist but he ducked a fist and maneuvered around a kick beautifully, snatching the gang A  body and shoving it into the floor. Tsuna amazed the fighting  between the person who protect her and the leader gang

All the gang look surprise that their leader being shoving on the floor by that person. Hey! he strong than us'' The Gang B asked other 

'' Maybe he just have  luck can shove our leader on the floor'' The Gang A said

'' Then you're come here'' The person calling the gang A when he heard the gang A talked

'' But...he strong'' The Gang B start sweat

'' Then look at my fight'' The Gang A said. The Gang A come forward with his fist to slammed on that person who interrupt his leader

'' No'' Tsuna worried

'' Do no worry little animal, do not close eye and look at my fight'' He patted Tsuna hair and turn his face to gang A

Tsuna turn her  face forward look that person fight

'' Come on I dislike to waste my time on you're guys here,  I want to spend a time on her so much right now''

'' Are she you're girlfriend?'' The gang A asked the question 

'' Of course she my girlfriend and she promise to become my bride one day'' He confess

Tsuna blushed but she confuse why she blushed the word of that person said

'' You're want to marry her'' The gang A laugh

'' Let begun'' He boiling inside and calling the gang A 

'' Do not being cocky brat'' The gang A use his fist but he blocked it and the next two blows and then snatched a fist headed for his face, twisted the gang A  arm, and spun gang A. 

Other gang surprise the gang A faint beside the leader with heavily bruise on their hand and face

He looked at other gang '' Did you guys want too like them?'' 

'' No, we will leave this place right now after we brought two of them on the floor somewhere place'' The gang B 

'' Now!!'' He order the gang do now

'' Hai'' All the gang kneel down and  shoulder gang A and leader

'' Little animal look like they gone now'' He turn his face on Tsuna. 

'' Are you okay little animal?'' He asked question on Tsuna

''...............''  He look worried when Tsuna not answer his question

Tsuna tears welled up in her eyes, blurring the shaking hands . 

'' They gone now cry as much as you could'' He quickly hug Tsuna to ease her fear


See you next time > < 

A person she dream appear 

What the relationship between her and him?

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