Part 32 (2)

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Lucy: Hey


Lucy: Aha sorry.

Georgie: So what happened?

Lucy: I still don't know. I heard someone on the landing, and someone unlocked my door, but they didn't come in.

Georgie: Explore the house.

Lucy: But what if they catch me?

Georgie: Lucy, they clearly want you to explore the house. Just try

Lucy: I'm so scared rn

Georgie: Well it's not like they're gonna do anything to you.

Lucy: You don't know that.

Georgie: Just leave the room. Check if the person's near you.

Lucy: You're so calm, Georgie. 

Georgie: Scroll up. I'm clearly not lol

Lucy: Well... you're calmer than me anyway

Georgie: Have you opened the door?

Lucy: Yep. There's no-one there.

Georgie: What does it look like?

Lucy: It's a very thin corridor, a bit like that one from the Shining if you get what I mean.

Georgie: Oh yeah

Lucy: The walls are a weird orange-yellow colour, and there's no pattern. It's just one colour. And where are the stairs?

Georgie: So you're on the second floor of a house but there's no stairs?

Lucy: Yep... I'm so confused.

Georgie: So am I. Are there any other rooms?

Lucy: Yes. Two. 

Georgie: Hm... are either of them unlocked?

Lucy: One is. But I'm so scared because I hear a voice coming from inside the locked one!

Georgie: Really?!

Lucy: Yeah! It's a male voice, and they sound about our age, maybe a little older.

Georgie: Oh. What're they saying?

Lucy: I think they're singing. But it's not in English.

Georgie: UGGGHHHH! Why is nothing in English?

Lucy: I have no idea, but I think I know the language...

Georgie: What is it?

Lucy: Latvian I think. Sveiki means hello, right?

Georgie: Lmao how would I know?

Lucy: Ugh. I'll use Voice Text. He's becoming louder and clearer every second, so it should be able to pick it up.

Georgie: God, how does he know you're there?

Lucy: I'm not sure. Magic?

Georgie: Idk.

Lucy: 'Sveiki. Mans vārds ir Jozua, un es esmu mūžīgi ieslodzīts šeit. Jūs arī neesat izbēgts, mans dārgakmens. Atvadīšanās.' It doesn't rhyme but he's constantly singing it. It's becoming slightly annoying.

Georgie: Use Google Translate.

Lucy: I can't. I'm unable to leave this chat. It's like my phone's possessed. I can't even turn it off!

Georgie: ... is the battery going down?

Lucy: Nope. It's been stuck on 54% this whole morning, and it's freaking me out. 

Georgie: I've just translated that paragraph... and it's gonna freak you out even more.

Lucy: What does it say? 

Georgie: 'Hello. My name is Joshua, and I am forever imprisoned here. You will not escape, my dear ones. Sorry.'

Lucy: You have got to be kidding me...

Georgie: Speak to him in English and see what he says.

Lucy: OOH! He's saying something else now. How does he even know where to begin? I haven't made a sound yet.

Georgie: ?

Lucy: 'Lūsija. Lūdzu saproti. Esmu mēģinājis aizbēgt. Georgie tev ir jāaizmirst. Viņi mani aizmirsa.'

Georgie: Well I see my name.

Lucy: I don't see mine.

Georgie: Probably because your name has been changed.


Georgie: o-O That's creepy.

Lucy: Jeez what does it translate to?

Georgie: 'Lucy. Please understand. I've tried to escape. Georgie you have to forget. They forgot me.'

Lucy: Bless him. But you won't forget me, will you?

Georgie: Of course not. I'll get you out of there.

Lucy: I'm talking to him now. He's silent.

Georgie: What are you saying?

Lucy: 'Don't give up hope, Joshua. We'll get out of here. Now open the door, and let me in.'

Georgie: Now what?

Lucy: He's not responding.

Georgie: Oh...

Lucy: And there's someone behind me...

Part 32 (3) coming out soon :p

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