Ch. 25 Misfortune

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Everything was a blur. My head hurt, I couldn't even lift myself. I could see many people around me, I was scare... I didn't know where I was or what happened.

I manage to have a clear view, all my friends were there.

You: "What happened?"

Horihime: "That's what we wanted to know but Grimmjow won't tell us"

You: "Where is he?"

Ichigo: "He's outside waiting for you to get better.....(_____) has he been beating you"

I wanted to ignore the question I just don't want to let them know what I've been through, it made the tension stronger and the silence more awkward.

The doctor came in with Grimmjow, the doctor seem trouble like he was afraid to say what's wrong with me which made me more afraid to know.

"Ms. (________)  I'm sorry to tell you this lost your baby...and you can't get pregnant anymore"

I busted out crying, I was devastated by the news. I couldn't take it. I jump out if bed, and with every bit of strength I had left I use it to try beat the crap out of him. He block my every movement until I got him with a upper cut punch, the nurses held me back, and the doctor got the needle. I try to shake them off so I slam one of the nurses to the counter, and with my free hand I took the needle and stab the other nurse.

Everyone else saw I was losing control so the corner me but I when I saw the window I jump out without thinking. I landed on the streets on my feet.

~~~My point of view~~~

Everyone was worried back at the hospital not knowing where you went. Grimmjow was quiet he couldn't find the words to express how crappy he felt.

Ichigo: "Look what you did. You should have just let her go"

Grimmjow: "You're right Kurosaki....please take care of her"

Ichigo: "What you talking about?"

Grimmjow: "I'm leaving....I'm not coming back"

He snap his fingers to open a garganta, as he pass through it everyone saw a tear shed from his eye. The gap close and he soon disappear.

The gang gone their separate ways home. Ichigo arrive to his room wondering where you went, until he heard sobbing under his bed. He kneel down and look underneath to find you all balled up in a state of depression.

Ichigo: "Come out of there, I'm not going to hurt you"

You: "I'm just too sad to live anymore"

Ichigo: "You have to move on cause life has better things in store.......maybe you can give us a chance"

You thought about it for a while you didn't know if it would be the same way as it was with Grimmjow.

You: "I guess"

Ichigo: "Let's go to the store so we can see what we could eat tonight"

You crawl out the bed and got up on your feet as you wipe your tears dry. You walk with him to the store, as you guys talk you felt his hand brush against yours. It continuously brush against your hand until he said something.

Ichigo: "You're suppose to hold my hand"

You: "Oh"

He held your hand, it felt different it seemed with so much care. Arriving at the store you guys went to pick out vegetable and other food stuff. When you were looking into candy your eyes grew wide in delight, you were caught by surprise as he kiss you softly. His arms wrap around you tightly. You blush. After a while you guys parted.

You: "Ichigo"

Ichigo: "What is it?"

You: "I think ...I love you"

to be continue........

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