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Y/n pov
The sun is shining bright,the birds are chirping  an the trees are swaying in the wind...what a wonderful day to have a birthday...
Yes,its my birthday yay!!!
I am so exited to my guests and friends especially my crush c/n

C/n.......I love you....

I looked at the clock and it was
1:00 am!!!!!
Oh shit!! Did I sleep that much
My birthday will start at in 5 hours!!
I need to get ready fast!!

You guys be thinking..'oh my god she has five hours to get ready why is she in such a hurry' well my dear friends I takes me a good three hours for bathing and to get ready, I don't even know..

I quickly got up and walked my way to my bathroom .I took my tooth brush and putted some toothpaste in it (a/n:is that even a word?) and brushed my teeth till they were shining (a/n:like a mirror?) Bright .

After brushing I decided to take a big shower.i took two of my favourite shower gel.

'what should I pick? F/f flavour shower gel or orange flavour shower gel? (A/n:what is wrong with you author chan?orange seriously??
I'm sorry if you like orange flavour.
Just go with it....)

Hm...I think I should pick f/f flavour shower gel..

I took the bottle in my hand and squeezed some gel into my Palm.
I took my hand and used it to put the gel on my wet hair.i gently scrubbed the gel on my hair..
After that I washed my hair with cold water .(a/n:now I know how to shower..)

Then I took my f/f soap and washed my body with it.
Then I took my f/c fluffy towel and dried myself

Brushing teeth -done
Now it's time for dressing

I decided to wear a simple yet cute f/c dress with pineapple prints..cute.

Dressing -done

I don't actually wear that much makeup so I just put a light amount and foundation and I took my eyeliner and did a wing for both of my eye .for my lips I decided on f/c lipstick ..(a/n:I just realised that I made y/n wear makeup when she said she doesn't need them..)

I looked at myself in the mirror I 'm looking cute....

After my beauty session I left my room and ran down the stairs ..

I looked at my party room and it was beautiful...
There were f/c balloons and glitter everywhere..(a/n:sorry if you dont like glitter or balloon just go with the flow..and sorry..)

I looked at the clock in the corner of the room ..5:59 ....
The guest will co-

Bff/n shouted

I was cut off by my bestie bff/n
That girl....

"Yes y/n happy birthday"
'Cbff/n said

"You look beautiful y/n and happy birthday!!"c/n said

My cheek started becoming warm .I covered my cheeks using my hands .

"Than-nk y-ou c/n."
I said
Why did I freaking he will think of me as a baby..

I looked at him and he was smiling at me.

I welcomed my friends to my house..


More people started coming ..I was hella tired because I was welcoming every single one of them..

I am doing this all for my beautiful cake.....I wanna eat you....mmm

(Time skip to cake cutting brought to you by author chan lazy writing)

Yeah it's finally time to eat the cake!!!

"Y/n ,everyone come it's time to cut the cake" mom shouted

Yeah I m gonna eat my cake!!!

(What??I love food..)

"Y/n here is the knife ,cut it equally and be safe"mom said

"Mom!!I m not a kid I will not cut myself ..I am old"
I shouted

"I just want you to be safe"
Mom said

"Okay mom"I said

I sliced the cake into 'equal' piece.

The cake was delicious .
We are the cake happily.

Now it was the time to give the presents..

Everybody started giving me their presents.
Dad gave me a mug
Mom gave me a t -shirt which had some pretty weird design but it's cozy so I will take it.
'Cbff/n gave me a cute bracelet
Bff/n gave me well..a she gave me a pair of used socks ..
Its not that I hate socks it's just its weird ...I know she gave it to me on purpose..

"Y/n I don't have a present for you"
C/n said
What !!I need my present

"You will give me a!!"
I said

"You want it now??"
C/n asked
"Yes .I said

"Come closer to me and close your eyes" c/n said

I did as he told me to .I moved close to him an closed my eyes

Where is my present??
Is c/n trying to fool me?
Several thought started running through my amazing brain

Then suddenly something was pressed against my lips

It took me few seconds to realise
What happen
One- somebody is kissing me
Two- well that somebody is c/n

I started kissing back ..I felt like I was in heaven...

After some time we ran out of air so
We broke our kiss

"That was a-"
I completed c/n's sentence

"So did you like my present?"c/n asked

"Yes,yes I do"I said kissing him once more..

(It took them a good few minutes to realise they were not alone.leaving them with

A pair of shocked parents..
A nosebleeding bff/n
A 'what the hell??'cbff/n
And a bunch of guests who don't give a shit.......)

The end

Word count:1083

Another one shot finished..actually I made two and was about to post them when I get internet but my stupid brain had to make me log out out of my account and the stories got deleted this is my secondth time writing the same oneshot.....sigh.....

So I just wanna say thank you for all my amazing reader who reads this shitty book ...I really makes me happy that people read my book
And also this book got 300 reads
And I wanna say thank you..

I hope you liked this oneshot  and

I love you guys so MUCHHHHH

Author chan
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