chapter 17

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Leah’s POV

A week passed in the same manner. Adrian avoided me. Zack and I met every day in the clearing. He didn’t touch me again after that but we shared a comfortable silence. I was an emotional wreck, I hated myself for relying on Adrian yet I couldn’t stop myself. I needed someone and Zack was there.

I was slowly becoming the person I used to be but there was a part of my heart that would never be whole again. I had been talking to Mel and Jules a lot more but it was all generic. They never spoke what happened to me and I never explained. Uncle Jack seemed relieved at the progress I was making. My few words are enough to pacify him…for now.

Parking my car I saw Mel waiting for me in front of the school gates. With a plastered smile I walked up to her but stopped short when I saw the saddened expression on her face. She looked up and smiled “Leah” she said “C’mon lets go for a walk”.

Confused I followed her as she hooked her arm in mine and walked along the pathway leading to the back of the school where the tables were. We sat down and I waited for her to say something. She had a faraway look as she gazed up at the sky. “It’s a beautiful day isn’t it.”, awkwardly I nodded “Mel I-”

“Wait” she interrupted. I paused and looked at her, waiting for her to continue. She took a minute before looking at me straight in the eye, a look of sorrow upon her brow.

“You may not want to talk about what happened to you, nor do I wish to force you but know that I completely understand what you went through” she paused. “Adrian-” I winced when she said that. “Adrian is not himself. He loves you Leah and you need to bring him back. He is your mate and it is your responsibility to help him even when he doesn’t know it.” I stared at her, mouth open and eyes wide.

“I-I…uhh, we… uhh, m-mates?... But how do you know?”

She sighed and looked away again, “Anyone who met their mate could see the way you two look at each other. Jules even said he was different when you came along, you may have not seen it but Adrian doesn’t block Jules out as much as he did before, he was finally being himself and even you, I saw the way you lit up around him, even if you didn’t notice.”

“He doesn’t want me Mel, he told me himself” I breathed. A wound like that would never heal right, no matter how long it’s been.

“Leah if you are too blind to notice that was not him talking, then you don’t deserve him. You have let a guy turn you into a shell. The hot tempered, confident Leah I knew is gone. She needs to come back, Adrian needs her. I need her. I miss my friend. We miss you. I want you to fight for what’s yours. I want you to get over this stupor and come back to life. Come back to us Leah.”

With that she got up and left. I sat looking at the spot she just vacated and started hugging my knees. ‘She’s right’ my wolf suddenly said. ‘Oh your back’, I said bitterly, ‘Where were you when I needed you.’ ‘You needed to find this out by yourself, you lead your own journey, fight for him Leah.’ and she left again. She was right.

They were both right. I just needed someone else to wake me up. Mel had lost her mate that was obvious; I didn’t see why I never notice it before. She seems strong even though she has no mate. So help me I will not turn into that measly person I once was before.

No more Miss spineless Leah.

Let the games begin Adrian, you’re playing whether you like it or not, because in the end. You will be mine.

With that sudden thought a surge of energy burst through me and I roared into my wolf form. Running to the trees I had only one thought on my mind. I was going to live again.


After a quick run, I headed back to school only to find my clothes in tatters. Awkwardly I circled the shadows of the school until I ended up outside the gym in the lost and found box.

Well this was going to be embarrassing.

Finding a pair of short shorts and a passable but hideous yellow jumper I popped it on and walked into the halls hoping to go unnoticed. Looking at the clock I saw it was lunch time already and headed towards the cafeteria. I felt different. I felt happier than I’ve been the last few days.

I was becoming me again.

That mood immediately disappeared once I saw the scene as I entered the cafeteria. I looked on in disgust as Chrissie had her hands all over MY mate! Adrian was leaning on the wall his arms crossed looking away from her doing nothing but she was shamelessly touching him, a flirtatious smile aimed at him.  

She probably just wants to get close to Adrian because he is much stronger and now rules the school; to be the little slut with the popular boyfriend.

My blood boiled and my wolf begged to come out. That hussy, after all the shit she gave him how dare she even try!

My eyes trained on her I stomped up to them and grabbed her arm “Get your filthy hands off MY mate!” I said my voice deadly.

Conversations all around suddenly died. Shock was mirrored on everyone’s face including Chrissie’s. Before she had a chance to say anything I grabbed Adrian’s arm and dragged him out the door and down the hall.

Once outside I stopped and realised what I did yet I don’t regret it. My wolf purred with pride.

I turned to Adrian not knowing what I was going to say. The last time we were alone together I was a balling mess and he was leaving me.

But that was before, I’m me again. I looked into his gorgeous golden eyes, the black still present but now it looked less prominent.

Did that mean the darkness was going away? Before I could lose the confidence I suddenly felt, I reached out to his face and full kiss him. He easily surrendered to my kiss but it lasted less than I would have liked before he pulled back, but it was enough, my heart was racing and he looked flushed.

His eyes were wide and as I predicted the black speck decreased a little.

As he turned and walked away, not to school but to his car I noticed, I watched his retreating back and smirked.

I’m getting my mate back, sorry Adrian; you’re stuck with me because I’m not letting you go.


woooo the games have begun for Leah and Adrian

will Leah finally snap Adrian out of his uhhh...urm...thing

will Adrian be able to fight his inner thing

and will i finally be able look my cats calling me got to go :D 

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