BSM You're little and he gets mad at you. *Dean* ^Resquested^

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"Y/N Y/M/N Winchester! Get in here!" Dean yells. Right now you guys were at Uncle Bobby's house. You walked up to him giggling, but soon stopped when you saw his face. What you didn't know was he was having a bad day and this was the last straw.

"Explain this. Now." He held up a piece of paper with crayon on it.

"I cowered." You look down at your feet. And shrug. Sam and Bobby come in. "I fowt you lwike it."

"No I don't like it! Y/N Y/M/N you know better than to take things that aren't yours and then to ruin them? Do you realize how much trouble you're in?!"

You shook your head and begin to cry.


"Dean that's just a piece of paper." Bobby tells him. But he doesn't listen.

Sam tries to pick you up but Dean stops him.

"Sam she's only crying because she knows she's in trouble. You little missy," Dean points at you, "Get in the car." He jabs his finger at the door. You run to the front door and bolt out.

Why was he mad? You thought. I thought he liked my pictures.

Sam and Dean said goodbye to Uncle Bobby and walked out of the house. Sam walked over to you and offered a smile as he opened your door and strapped you in your car seat. You just cried. Sam dropped his smile and got your blankie off of the seat next to you, he knew that would give you some comfort. You bury your head into it and resume quietly sobbing. Dean turns on the radio and tunes you out while he drives to the motel. The same disappointed look on his face the while time. As soon as your there, Sam jumps out to get you but again Dean stops him.

He yanks open your door, rips the blanket away, unbuckles you and carries you in. He sets you on one of the beds an begins to yell some more.

"Y/N you will never do that again understand me?! Or you'll get a spanking! Is that what you want?!"

You could see the vein in his neck pop out.

At that point you openly begin to bawl your little eyes out. You curl up into a ball and sob. He ruffley grabs you and puts you in the corner. The door opens and slams, and you feel someone pick you up carefully. You open your eyes and see it's Sam. He cuddles you to his chest.

"Shhh baby, calm down your going to make yourself sick." He rubbed circles in your tiny back as he rocked you.

"Dean no wuv me no more?" You cry.

"No, no babygirl. Dean loves you a whole bunch, he's just having a bad day and he needs sometime to cool off."

Suddenly Castiel appears in the center of the room.

"Sam, where is Dean and why is Y/N crying?"

Cas was always concerned about you. Sam explained to him the situation, Cas held out his hands as an invitation for him to hold you, you accept and burry your face in to crook of his neck.

"I need to make a call" Sam announced, "Can you...?" He gestured to you but you didn't see him, Cas just nodded.

You cry into his neck some more until you fall asleep. He places you on a bed and covers you with a blanket. He makes sure to kiss your forehead before going outside of the room with Sam, who is screaming at Dean through the phone. He hangs up.

"He's coming"

As quickly as Dean left he was back again. His face solemn and he walked into the room. You had woken up looking for Cas or Sam, and shrunk back once you saw Dean.

"Baby..." He started, as he walked over to you and tried to hold you. But you pushed away his hands. He's shocked that you rejected him and he holds back tears.

"Baby I'm sorry, I'm sorry I didn't listen and that I was mean to you."

You looked in his eyes, he meant it.

"Sammy told me that you thought I didn't love you anymore. Y/N I can yell at you till the walls fall down. No matter how made I get or how loud I yell, I will always love you understand?"

You nod and lift up your arms. He takes you into a tight hug and snuggles you, and kisses the top of your head.

"You'll always be my baby."

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