Ch. 24 Abuse

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I was finally a strong independent woman who drives her own life without the manipulation of a man. I arrive home with Ichigo. We went upstairs to his room and change into out leisure clothes. So then I got a splendid idea for my first day of being single.

You: "Hey Ichigo do you want to do something today?"

Ichigo: "Umm like what?"

You: "Come here"

Ichigo came to bed and sat next to me, I got close to him. I hug him. I kiss his neck tenderly.

Ichigo: "What you doing?"

I back away.

You: "I thought you like me. Oh how embarrassing"

Ichigo: "Wait... I like you a lot"

He didn't knew what he was doing, his hands tremble to touch my face. So I took the lead and kiss him. He kiss me back. It was so passionate. Ichigo lay his weight on me and began to grind against me. I let out a small moan. I felt his fingers up in my V, he began to tease me until I got wet. I black out and I woke up under his arms. He was asleep. I then look up to see Grimmjow was standing there.

Grimmjow: "You fucking slut. How could you sleep with my enemy?"

You: "Why would you care? We are thru"

Grimmjow: "I don't give a fuck I'm going take you away"

He grab me by the hair and drab me in the garganta. I was thrown at the floor, Grimmjow savagely bend me over the bed. I try to break free but he tie my hands behind my back. As he pull down his pants I struggle and squirm around.

Grimmjow: "This is for your own good, I need to teach you who's boss"

You: "Don't.. please I'm begging you"

Grimmjow held down my head on the bed and he got in me. As he continuously pound me for hours I stay quiet taking it as I cry under my hair. He pull it out and untie me. I fell on the ground weak as I broke up weeping in fear. He wasn't the man I love anymore.

Grimmjow pick me up, and place me on bed. He lay beside me kissing my skin. I was trembling I didn't know what to do.

A month has gone by, we found out I was pregnant he promise he would change that he'll be a better man but things got only worse. Grimmjow hit me a few times leaving a bruise, every time I try to revolt against him his hands hurt me.

Grimmjow: "Look what you made me do, I don't want to hurt you but you provoke me"

I started crying in pain, I wanted to run though he held me back.

You: "Let me go ....let me go Grimmjow"

Grimmjow: "I can't. I love you"

You: "You're hurting me and you rape me"

Grimmjow: "I'll show you rape"

He back hand me. I fall down on the table and broke it. I was dragged by the arm and toss on the sofa. My clothes was torn to pieces, he wrap one of my legs around him.

Grimmjow: "Look at me. Damn it look at me when I tell you"

He force me with one of his hands to look at him.

Grimmjow: "Tell me that you love me"

You: "I...I..."

Grimmjow: "Say it or I'll make you"

It hurts. I let out a moan of pain, I try to push him off.

You: "You're hurting me.... Grimm...grim..aaahhh!!!"

Streams of tears roll down my cheeks.

Grimmjow: "Why don't you love me?!"

The rhythm speed up, I felt the burn in me. I felt his teeth sink in my shoulder.

You: "I can't"

Grimmjow: "Love me!"

He force himself deeper in me and I swear to God something torn up in me. I was bleeding. I was losing a lot of blood. Grimmjow sat up and shook me crazily not knowing what to do.

Grimmjow: "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you"

I was drifting away.

to be continue......

Yeah not everything can be a sweet dream.  :(

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