March 27th

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I am deciding to start writing in my journal as of today. I need to get some things off my chest and I don't believe I can tell anybody about this, they wouldn't believe me anyways. No one believes me, except for Mandy.

Mandy says I should stay away. She thinks this whole thing will end up hurting me, but for some reason I'm still so inclined to texting him.

I do not have a name for this mysterious man, but he knows more than just my name. He knows where I work, where I live, what I eat, who I talk to. Normally, the smart thing to do would be to block this person and stop talking to them, but curiosity killed the cat, as they say.

I will call this person Man. Man knows what I look like. He often compliments my rose gold hair and my piercing blue eyes, as he puts it. He'll go as far as to say my hair smells like hevean sent blossoms, given to us by God.

Man knows where I live. He talks often about how my queen sized bed is too big for my small body, and how he wishes he could fill the space. He talks about the lamp I've had for years, and how I shouldn't replace it, though I've talked about getting rid of it for some time now to my mother.

The other night, I was walking home from work. I was closing up, so it was rather late, meaning it was dark. Up until Man showed up, I wasn't typically scared to walk home in the dark. It gave me time to think, and I almost found it soothing. He ruined that for me.

I find myself looking over my shoulder everywhere I go. Every tiny noise makes me jump and sends chills down my spine, and before I know it I'm panicking so hard I cannot breathe. I feel like he's watching me. I know he's watching me. He tells me himself.

Man does not like Mandy. He calls her names often, and talks about how much happier we would both be without her. He feels threatened by her.

So the real reason why I am writing in this journal about all of this, is because of the text I just got from Mandy. She talked about how she got a message, from someone who we both didn't know, saying how she has a week left to live. Did Man do this?

She's scared, and I'm scared for her. I'm scared my stalker will hurt her, like he said he's wished for for ages now. But he's not real. This is just a prank.


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