Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

I got an email shortly after my breakdown about my first class today. Out of all the days I had to have people come over and sit for two hours while I talk about the basics of Photography makeup, it had to be the day where my eyes couldn't be more red and sore from tears and my body more hunched and aching from bending between my legs to cry some more.

A silver lining today, was that the day was beautiful. A luke-warm day with just the hint of a cool breeze. I always preferred the winter but in England, it's summer. Australia had winter and a small part of me was dreading summer here and I was craving not to miss winter back home but I did.

I look at my made-up face in the mirror. I quickly scan over my skin, making sure I looked somewhat okay and healthy before I walked out of the door to teach people and meet Harry. I hadn't told Harry about my class and I figured that it was rude not to, I had to somewhat convince him to allow maximum ten people sit in this lounge room where he can't enter the room until I am done, while I taught them about the basics of Photography makeup.

I hadn't done any of this before. I wasn't sure if I needed a bored to write things down, or a desk for them to write and sit. I could easily make them sit at the dining table opposite the amazing view but then Harry wouldn't be allowed out of his room or he could stay in the lounge room.

I grimace at what I should do. I had five hours till they arrived so I assumed I'd chat it out with Harry.

I make my way from the bedroom to the kitchen where I found Harry scrolling on his phone while eating cereal from the bowl beside him. He always liked children cereal. I smile stupidly at an adult who liked the snap, crackle and pop of the cereal. I preferred my coffee. My two sugar, hot, black beaned cappuccino coffee with chocolate powder sprinkled on top and without the spoon. I can't stand the spoon being left in the cup. And stir the sugar in before the chocolate powder, otherwise, you'll ruin the chocolate powder on top.

I continue to walk to the kitchen making it as impossible as I can to show him I've been upset or I've been talking crazily to myself in my bedroom about if I liked this man or not. I guess he hears my bare feet against the wooden floorboards because he lifts his head up and weakly smiles at me.

'Morning.' His raspy morning mumble was released from his mouth and it was hot. He kept his eyes on me and I kept on looking back at him. I was waiting for him to continue talking, maybe ask what I have planned or something else but I spoke before it became too awkward.

'Morning Harry...'I drift off playing with my fingers and I walked around him to the coffee machine. I grab myself a mug from the cupboard near and I press the on the button waiting for it to heat up. In the corner of my eye, I watch Harry turn and lean onto the bench.

'Can I ask you something? Since it's your apartment and all?' I speak not looking at him though. I couldn't get swept up in those green eyes anymore. I had to try my hardest not to.

'It's your apartment too.' He says with a hint of tiredness in his eyes and I blush at his cuteness. I didn't watch his reaction I purposely tried not to but I failed and did. I watch the machine's screen turn on. I scoop in two sugars in my mug and place my mug under the machine's nozzle and press the cappuccino button.

'I get that but out of respect I am gonna ask you anyway.'

I hear him cough slightly in his chest. I wondered if it was because I mocked the little respect he had. 'What is it?' he mumbles as I hear his feet shuffle beside me.

'I have my first class today. And I was wondering if I was allowed to have it in the apartment.' I tried to speak as confidently as I could because I was still shaking at this morning's phone call. This time I look up at him, in those bright green eyes of his.

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