Ch. 23 School

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I rise up in the morning, I then wake up Ichigo for school. He soon got ready and we head off to school. They gave me this cute uniform, but when I walk through the halls seeing all those other thin girls in it...for some reason I felt insecure. I just feel bigger than everyone. I went in the classroom, everyone had their eyes on me. I was giving a full attention when I shyly introduce my name.

You: "Hi...My name is (____) and I'm a American"

I felt sweat gather on my brow, I walk down to find an empty desk. I soon find one by Uryu. Well it won't be as bad. They soon began to whisper as I took a seat. The teacher hush them up to announce that we're going to do an experiment, so we have to partner up with someone. I was quite surprised when all the guys wanted to work with me meanwhile all the girls started throwing daggers with their death glares. I really didn't want to make any enemies. So I just choose someone I knew. I pick Chad he seem lonely and interesting to get to know him better.

You: "Chad why do you have one eye cover? Are you like emo?"

Chad: "No. I just have let it grow out"

You: "Cool"

To be honest I got really bored with him, yet he did all the work for me. After a few classes we had gym. They just had us run but as I'm a potato couch I creep under the bleachers and hide away from the coach. Renji scare the crap out of me when he crept under too.

You: "What you doing?"

Renji: "I wanted to talk to you"

You: "Oh...about what?"

Renji: "Nothing important. You just look so beautiful. I thought someone needed to let you know"

You: "Awe thanks Renji"

Renji: "Are you available on Saturday...."

He was soon drag away by the ear by Rukia.

Renji: "Why are you doing this to me?"

Rukia: "I need to talk to you"

Well that was awkward. Gym was over and I had next knitting class. So I sat next to Uryu for company. I didn't know how to use these chopsticks looking things, I was having a hard time. With my patience I couldn't get anything done until two arms crawl behind me.

Uryu: "Let me help you"

He put his hand over mind and guide me. I got the hang of the movement after a while.

You: "Thanks"

Uryu: "You're welcome. Are you having trouble in your classes?"

You: "Yeah all the text books are in Japanese"

Uryu: "If you want I can tutor you after school...."

He was brutally drag by Horihime.

Uryu: "What's the emergency?"

Horihime: "I need help"

I never thought Horihime could man handle somebody knowing she's weal sometimes. School was great after a few weeks I was popular. I had a lot of friends.... well guy friends. I feel like I found where I belong until introduce some new kid to school.

Teacher: "Class we have a new student joining our class. he's name is Grimmjow Jaggerjack"

Only the people who knew his name turn around in shock, I was staring to long into his face that he caught me looking. I quickly hide my face behind a book. I could hear his foot steps coming close. They stop right beside me, he grabbed my book and flip it around.

Grimmjow: "You're holding your book backwards"

He gave the guy beside me a mean glare that he ran out of his seat. Grimmjow quietly sat down. I felt his eyes pierce through my being. I didn't want to see him.

The teacher was teaching a lesson. When a paper ball was thrown at my desk. I undo it and read

'Why did you fucking leave?'

I reply

'I accidentally pass through a mirror and I couldn't come back'

'That doesn't explain why you didn't try to come home'

'That wasteland of a desert ain't my home. It's yours'

'After the bell rings we're leaving'

Without thinking I shout out.

You: "No!"

I felt my face grow red from embarrassment.

Teacher: "Is there anything you want to share in class?"

You: "No"

Teacher: "Could you hush and pay attention. thank you"

I quiet down. Grimmjow pass me another note saying,

'Smooth move smart ass'

I was furious so I wrote back,

'I'm tired of your crap'

'If you don't like it. Why are you with me?'

'You know what? Is fucking over'

He wrote something to me but I was too angry so I ball it up and threw at his face. I then ask nicely a girl to switch seats with me so I wouldn't see that douge bag. I couldn't believe I stood up for myself. Though I felt stupid for going through all the danger to only break up with him at the end. Well I don't care anymore he deserve it.

The bell soon rang. I march out angrily to my locker, Grimmjow grab my arm like he owns me or something.

Grimmjow: "You can't break up with me"

I broke free from his grip and got to his face with a straight expression.

You: "I already did"

I push him away and storm out of the hallways to my next class.

to be continue.......

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