Chapter Four - Cheers

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Chapter Four Cheers

Boys will be boys, hiding in estrogen and wearing Aubergine dreams.

- Panic! At the Disco  

 “Joel you are a miracle worker!”Donna gushed all the while I stared into the salon mirror in shock. My face was pale and I had tired bags beneath my eyes. I was still boney and thin but my hair was no longer an issue. Joel, the funky Italian man who seemed to be more Donna’s friend than hairstylist, had done the impossible. Made my hair look good. It was flat and straight and the ugly, choppy layers had become short layers adding on to each other. Joel had to cut off a good three inches of my hair though so it only reached the top of my shoulders now. But I didn’t mind the least bit. I was beginning to look appealing.

“You’re beautiful, girly.”Joel put his hands on my shoulders as he leaned next to my ear to talk to me. He himself, had hair a similar shade to mine, only it was blended with golden blond highlights. He had it styled up and shaved at the sides – totally spunky and fitting to his personality. Joel was slightly flamboyant and I would bet my next imaginary paycheque that he was gay.

I grinned widely, “Thank you. This looks…unbelievable.

“Well believe it.”He smiled as he took off the salon cover from around my neck and brushed away the stray hairs. He then turned the chair around so I could get up. Donna had taken out her credit card to pay for the haircut.

“Wow, you look great!”An elderly lady complimented me. She’d been here since before I had come into the store. She was getting highlights done and was currently seated under one of those ginormous hairdryers.

“Thank you.”I smiled politely.

“You and I are going shopping.”Donna grabbed my arm excitedly. “Then to Sephora so they can make you over and then I’m making Mark take the whole family out for dinner! It’s a celebration, Sam. You’re a whole new girl.”

I smiled with humble gratitude. “That’s so nice of you. But it’s not necessary, really.”

“Yes it really is. Plus, we need to get some fat in you. You’re so thin.”She looked me over intricately. I knew that my lack of weight was bordering unhealthy and her gaze bothered me just like it would a girl whowas insecure about being over-weight.

“I know.”I said uncomfortably. I even tugged the sleeves of my oversized grey sweater all the way down to cover my hands.

“It’s understandable though. When my mother died, I lost ten pounds from stress and grief.”Donna and I stepped out of the salon after thanking Joel one last time and headed to Donna’s silver Beemer. She bleeped the car doors open and I took a seat on the leather passenger seat.

Right away, the radio came to play and Donna rolled down both our windows to let the light, spring wind drift through. “Off to the mall then!”Donna was far more excited than I was. It wasn’t hard to tell that she was an avid shopper. Today, she was wearing a floral skirt and a sheer blouse, she had heels on and her hair was pulled back into an elegant bun.

Donna cruised down the fairly empty streets smoothly –she was a prudent driver. We passed by several restaurants and stores on our way and Donna acted as my own personal tour guide, explaining what everything was.

There was just about everything around here, from a vegan bakery to a maternity apparel boutique to an overpriced furniture store. It was nice to know that I would have a way to spend my time the next few weeks. I could just explore all the stores around the Charlens’ neighbourhood. Maybe I could even get a bus pass and learn where everything was located.

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