Chapter Thirty Two- Beyond This Moment

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Following his lead, her steps were discernible, yet his were powerful, thunderous. A draft in the air caused her bare arms to shiver, the silence of the ship concerning her. Stillness involuntarily made her concentrate on her thoughts. She didn't want to think. Too much was happening and was she really ready to ask those questions she had just moments ago? Was she ready to know the answers?

Jav knew of this time in her life, a small part, but a time she hardly remembered. This gave him leverage on her. Though he sensed her ability, so did she of his. They share the same ability, but he had more than one. He was far more powerful than she thought.

At first she thought how dissatisfied Arlo Kane must have been, having a son with a common gifted ability. With his sister's disappearance, and his young brother's death many years ago, she relished when Jav hinted to her he was a Seer. Such an ordinary ability, for a Prince from a family of such fortune and authority she had thought. Now that he can sense hers she wondered if she too possessed a common ability. How many others have been able to feel her own emotions?

Who else had the aptness she does?

She never wanted to hide her true feelings, but with Jav just steps away from her, she wished she could. She now saw just how her ability could be used to influence someone. Jav could manipulate her with her feelings. Although, she could with his, she doesn't have the power to see into the future. Just how much of her future did he see?

I've seen it, Jav said. He had seen what will become of her friends. She will be the one to bring reckoning upon them. An all too familiar feeling came over her, from the night she visited Kohmad's home. Her vision had succeeded, and so could Jav's.

Noticing his slight eye glance toward her she guessed he sensed her conflicted mind. He didn't comment on it this time, instead he concentrated on.

Double ebony steel doors hurtle ahead, a space of windows enveloping before them. One lengthy strip of glass rounded the walls from left to right. Black ceiling and flooring allowed for the eye to attract toward the vast blackness outside. Space. 

The darkness seemed somehow darker, the stars not shining as bright. There's no furniture, just an empty room meant for ruminating and dwelling. The place gave her muddle feelings. Surveying Jav as he stared into the emptiness of their universe, she felt out of place. Why was shunt imprisoned?

"We will be landing on Ekeqon soon," his voice was deep, controlled. Two large planets were passing by, one an orangish-blush, the other a deep plum. The orange planet went by Auein, the plum one Qaenee. They have come all the way to the Uleon System. This nerved her. These planets were very populous of Revive stations, some planets with harsh conditions.

"We came all this way for you to tell me that?" she stepped closer, creasing her eyebrows.

A tiny recollect smile curled his lips only for a moment, his eyes masking a shadow of reminisce, and aloof. "You don't remember do you?"

She reckoned she had been on Ekeqon before, with Jav. The moon was unique, something she was sure she would remember. Then again there are many memories she thought she'd remember once Jav opened them back up to her with his touch.

"I don't."

Silence. He was thinking of that time, she sensed it. He hadn't hidden his feelings from her, though did he really have any control at turning it off? Was that possible? He doesn't add on, so she pressed further, hoping for an answer. "I read that the moon had been evacuated, that it became infested with severe weather. Massive flooding, acidic rain, clouds of mass thickness ships couldn't maneuver out of."

"Your readings were wrong."

"How could that be?"

"What you read was simply a diversion for the people. The weather is true, but people remain on the planet. Ekeqon steadies on," Jav moved from the window, the absence of his body displaying the moon, lighting up a small part of the glass. Ekeqon was pale blue, with hints of grey, and viridescent. It's sister moon, Kinow, lied dangerous close by. 

"Why would there need to be a diversion?" she held her focus in his eyes.

"The moon no doubt has it's harsh chemicals, and odd cloud castings but it isn't like it was presumed. The moon changes you once you're one it."

"Changes you—how?"

"You'll see," Jav raised his brows, preparing to leave.

"Why are we going there?" she voiced as his stepped just pass her. His sudden halt caused her to hold a breath. She came to realize his movements cause her heart rate to increase, her breath becoming weak. Something about him nerved her.

"I have someone I want you to meet."

"You said you'd show me to my friends," she faced him, but his back to her.

"I told you, you must follow me first, and you will go to Ekeqon with me," he looks to his side, almost over his shoulder at her but withstands. Why does he hesitate?

"That was pretty vague of you-"

"If you want to see your friends alive, I suggest you do as I say," he dictated, his body now facing her.

"And if I resist?" she questioned, her tone causing his brow to crease.

It doesn't take long for him to be before her. Close to her again. He looked down to her, his face full with tenacity. "If you resist, your friends blood will stain at the end of my blade."

Light darkened in the room, the paleness of his eyes glooming. A knot curled around her throat, enabling her to speak. Something inside her told her he'd do it. She can picture it. The image in itself caused her to shudder. If that was one way she would bring reckoning to her friends she couldn't. She could not risk them. They are all she had left to live for.

Pursing her lips, she spoke, "If you don't keep your word—"

"I, always, keep my word," he stepped even closer, with certainty. She searched his feelings, no sense of distort or manipulation in them. He was telling the truth. Just here, just now, she speculated what his true intentions were. What was she to do for him? What does she have that he wanted? 

"You'll find out soon enough ," he responded to her notions.

"You can hear my thoughts?"

"I cannot. I can only sense your emotion. You are unsure, skeptical of me. You really don't remember anything about me. But I remember everything about you."

He left her, as she reached into her mind. She searched her memories. Nothing other than the ones that Jav caused to resurface. What was happening? Why can she not remember? She was forced to face what those memories showed her. Images of the ground breaking, destroying the land. She learned of only one planet that had such devastation brought upon by one person. That planet was Kuilara. And somehow she had been there for the destruction.

The question that lied even deeper, was why were her family friends with Arlo Kane? If Ava and Jav had been friends, then this would make her not a human from Earth. There was no other way she could explain it. How else would she have been on Kuilara?

She reflected back to the readings she had done on Kuilara. Even looking at the pictures of the destruction didn't bring back the memory from then. How could she have forgotten? She wondered if her sanity had started to shake.

Spiraling around she watched Ekeqon expand beyond the window. Her stomach turned slightly, and her nerves intensify. Something was off about this moon. She cannot put a name or even face to it. Chills sliver up her spine, then throughout her entire body.

Was this fate? Had fate brought her Jav? Did it bring her this journey that seemed to get harder and harder to see the end results? She was so far from what she wanted she didn't even know how to go back, to get back to where she used to be. However long it takes to get there, she must. No more distractions. No more set backs.

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