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Things you need to know:
Y/n~ Your Name

L/n~ Last Name

F/c~ Favorite Color

E/c~ Eye Color

H/c~ Hair Color

H/l~ Hair Lenght

F/F~ Favorite Flavor

More will be added in the future :3

Y/n's PoV
Right now I am in front of the track that is behind the school cause our gym teacher said were going to test our 'speed'. I honestly don't know why.. I was just zooming out in my thoughts when suddenly I heard my teacher shout my name.

"Y/n!" She shouted followed by her blowing her annoying ass whistle

"Hai!" I reply quickly standing up from my current position.

"Would you please find Aso? So we can finally start?" She said.

"Sure!" I replied starting my search for the blonde athlete known as Aso Rito.


Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh I've been looking EVERYWHERE the gym, his classroom, the boys bathroom (Don't ask me why), and the cafeteria!!!! Unless... He's in the boys locker room...

"NOOOO BAD Y/N WHAT IF YOU WALKED IN AND SEE SOME RANDOM DUDE NAKED?!?!?! THEY MIGHT THINK THAT YOUR A FREAKING PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!" I thought shaking my head to get rid of my dirty thoughts...

"Well it's either that or I won't be able to find Aso freaking Rito..." I said walking to the boy's locker room..

"Welp... here goes nothing..." I thought as I opened the doors quickly shielding my precious eyes from anything that awaits behind the door...

Once I heard no sound when I opened the door I shakily removed my hands from my eyes sighing in relief that nothing happened. But once I looked around the locker room I saw a guy his back facing me... Oh did I mention that the guy was shirtless? No? Well now you know... The longer I stare at the person's bare back the warmer my face began...

"HOT DAMN!" I thought as I felt my face get warmer by each second passed... I have been staring at the stranger's back for as long as I can remember that I didn't even notice the guy I was staring at turned to face me...

" OH SHIT!!!" I thought as I realized the person that I was staring at was the person I have been looking for all along... Aso Rito...

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