Wow, look what you did mark. I swear, you're so dumb sometimes.

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Wow hyung.... What's wrong with you?


Fine, then I'm going to sleep. Night

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Soolyeon was mad at mark and his comment. She went upstairs and through her phone on her bed, full of anger. She lets out a scream of frustration and lied down on her bed. Jaehyun came in and looked worried.
"soolyeon? What's wrong? Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked many questions.
"oh yeah I'm fine, sorry" she said
"what's wrong with you. You look mad" he said sitting on her bed.
"nothing " she said in a mad tone.
"soolyeon" he said
"(sigh) it's just mark. He's really annoying and I don't know why. Jisung  told you about when someone attacked me, so I told my friends that I got scared because it was a random guy and I said I kinda of, maybe, not sure, have a crush on Jisung and mark said me acting cool was just an act" I said at full speed
"aw... Don't listen to him. You could like anyone you want and still be cool. Trust me, all my friends used to call you swag and all that back when I was in sec 5. I found it annoying but it's true " my brother's words made me happy. Ive always loved him for a specific reason and this was it.
"woah.... " I didn't know what else to say. I wasn't really good at dealing with compliments.
"I love you too" he said chuckling.
"You should get some sleep and try to forget about today" he said getting up.
"oh, okay. Goodnight" I said as he left.
End of Soolyeon's POV
The next morning, soolyeon woke up early. She decided that, instead of staying home all day, she should exercise her knee. She got out of bed, washed her face, brushed her teeth and left. Her knee wasn't hurting that much so she was able to walk normally.
Since she had extra cash, she went to buy something at the nearest store. Inside, she saw Jeongin and his friends. She waved to him and he waved back and walked away with his friends. When she got what she wanted, she walked out of the store and bumped into someone.
"ow watch it" she said without looking up.
"oh sorry, I didn't see you there." a familiar  voice said. It was changbin.
"oh.. Sorry changbin, I didn't mean t-"
"it's fine, you didn't see me, I would've done the same thing " he said cutting her off and entering the store as well.
"Should I wait for him, or..... " soolyeon thought to herself. She decided to wait. When he came out, his hands were full of stuff.
"oh, do you need help?" she asked.
"s-sure" he said almost dropping half the things.
"so... What is all of this for?" she asked, walking back to his place (aka where chan and jisung live as well)
"oh You know, just so we could eat breakfast" he said.
They both started laughing.
"I'm just kidding, this is just for us to stock up so we don't have to keep going out all the time to buy stuff" he explained
"ah... " she said.
"so soolyeon, I overheard jisung telling chan hyung that he saved you from some creep in school? Wtf. What happened?
"oh... Well.. I was just walking and out of nowhere, some guy grabs me and wouldn't let me go and then he pushed me against a wall." She said.
"oh... " changbin was in shock and he didn't know what to say.
"it's okay, I'm fine now. " she said reassuring him. He just nodded in return. When they finally reach Changbin's house, he asks soolyeon if she wants to come inside.
"uh.... Sure" she answered
Going inside, she sets all the bags she was carrying, on the kitchen counter. She stands there awkwardly not knowing what to do afterwards. Should I just help unpack all this stuff? I think I should. She thought to herself. She started unpacking and putting things away. "oh soolyeon, you don't have to do that, I got it" changbin said walking back into the kitchen.
"oh... Just thought I should help" she says letting out a nervous laugh.
"You can go sit in the living room" he said pushing her away from the kitchen, playfully. She sat on the couch and checked her phone. She looked annoyed when she saw two messages from Taelee. She turned off her phone and put up back in her pocket. She turned on the TV and watched some Korean Drama that was playing. Wow this is really boring, why am I watching this? She said turning the TV off. 
"soolyeon? What are you doing here?" The voice of jisung said behind her.
"oh... I saw changbin at the store so I helped him carry all the stuff home. " she said looking up at him.
"oh... " he said sitting next to her.
As he sat down, there was an awkward silence between the both of them.
"*cough* so... What are you going to do with the rest of your day?" she said clearing the awkwardness.
"oh... I was planning on going to the arcade with Felix, Seungmin and Hyunjin" he said
"THE ARCADE????? I've always wanted to go there. I havent been there since I was little. " soolyeon said with a smile and wide eyes.
"do you perhaps want to come with us?" jisung asked, laughing at her reaction.
"YES" she says excitedly.
"well okay then. We'll leave soon " he said still laughing at her reaction.
I should probably tell Jaehyun that I'm going out... She said to herself.
She turns on her phone and text her brother.

Hey, I'm going to the arcade today.

Okay, what time will you be back?

Idk, like.... 5? 6?

Okay, see you later, bye


It's funny how I still have to tell him where I go. She thought to herself.
"soolyeon, you ready to go?" jisung asked
"oh sure " she said getting excited again.
"see you later hyung" jisung said screaming so that changbin could hear him.
"oh... Bye" he yelled back.
They walked out of the door and headed towards the arcade.
We love filler chapters now don't we? Lmao anyways, hope you enjoyed part 7 :)

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