Chapter Eight - Don't Talk To Me

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Ava's P.O.V.

I woke up, dazed, confused, and on my couch.

I turned to look for Evan, but he wasn't there.

I was sad, but Evan had to leave sooner or later.

Other than getting breakfast, lunch, dinner and watching Netflix, I had an uneventful Sunday and it went by in a flash.


I woke up to the annoying beep of my alarm. A fresh, new Monday.


I rolled out of bed and landed on my feet, and trudged over to my bathroom. I showered and got dressed. As I chose my clothes from my closet, I caught a glimpse of the clothes Evan had bought me.

But then I remembered.

"Wait, we couldn't buy them..." I thought back to the bad memory.

I saw a little sticky note on the jeans that read.

"I never leave my pancake hanging."

I smiled.

It was so sweet of him, and I can't believe I'm smiling at this mushy stuff.

I ran downstairs with my bag slung over my back, but I saw a figure standing in the kitchen, making coffee.

"Morning sweetie." I cringed as I heard the voice of my mother.

All I could remember was her moaning that night, not all the times that sweet voice greeted me when I woke up and got dressed.

I think I'd die sitting at that table with her for breakfast.

"Sorry mom, I don't have time for breakfast today," I lied.

"Sure sweetie?" She smiled at me.

I restricted myself from shuttering and responded.

"Yeah, just some work. See you later." And with that, I strutted out of the door.

Without my mom, I had no ride, and I decided not to take the bus.

When the bus had pulled up at its stop and left, it passed me and was already halfway down the street by the time I saw it pass.

I was never going to reach on time at this rate.

I took a wrong turn on purpose, to avoid my mother passing me or something.

I was going to be exhausted when I arrived at school, but that beats riding in a car with my mother right now.


When I arrived at school, a clock to my far left said, "9:14".

Well, guess I'm late.

I walked through the empty halls, trying to calculate which clad I had now. Our math period went from 8:30 - 9:15, so I guess I should just head to Chemistry.

I happened to be walking past the bathroom where I heard moans, mostly from a girl but there was an occasional grunt. I thought it was just some regular whore and fuckboy but then I heard this,

"I told you I'd make it up to you on Monday."

That...That was Evan's voice.

I knew he wasn't serious about me, but it hurt.

I don't know why I decided to do it, I knew it was Evan but I wanted to burst in there and stop them.

I want to confirm it wasn't true.

And if it was true, to show him how much he hurt me.

I stormed into the bathroom and banged my fist against the stall wall.


As I stormed out of the bathroom I could hear Evan say,

"Wait, Ava."

But I didn't wait.

I'm not that desperate.


Evan's P.O.V.

I pushed Jessica of off me, and hurriedly zipped up my pants.

I ran out of the bathroom stall, and out of the bathroom door to see Ava, 100% pissed and upset.

No doubt at me.

I mean, I couldn't avoid the fact that I was eventually going to cheat on her. I mean, she obviously wasn't going to give it up to me.

It's just that I never expected to get caught.

I sighed.

"Whatever, tomorrow she'll come back around."

But she didn't.

For days upon days, she ignored the crap out of me. I think you couldn't even say my name around her.

This is bad. Really bad. I need to meet with him. Tonight.


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