Dawn Prescott

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You know what's hotter than summer? My brother's best friend. I've liked him since I was fifteen, but I'm sure he only sees me as Ryker's annoying sister, when they came to visit I would always bother Ryker just to be close to Nicholas. I haven't seen him in two years, Ryker says that college has been hectic and that's why. Oh yeah and he's also 21, so you can see why nothing will ever happen between us.


"Yes, baby girl." She asked while chopping some vegetables.

"Is it bad that I like older guys?" She stopped cooking and gave me a look.

"Is this about, Nicholas?"

"Maybe." I said innocently.

"Well, there's nothing bad liking older guys." She said.

"I like men who knows what they want in life, and not little boys who only think with their heads down." I sighed.

"That's what we used to say with your aunt Skylar." She giggled. "Well, your father is always thinking with-"

"eww mom, I don't need to hear about that." I covered my ears. I swear my parents have no shame.

"What are we talking about." Dad said giving me a hug and went to kiss mom.

"Oh you know." She whispered something in dad's ear and he smirked. "Ohh, can't blame us." He shrugged. My parents have no shame.

"That's it, I'm changing parents and moving out of the country." They both just laughed.

"Drama queen." Mom said while shaking her head.

"My siblings are lucky, they don't get to hear you two being unholy." I pouted.

"So not true, we all got to hear them being unholy." Samantha said. She's my second older sister. Mom and Dad adopted her when she was only four years old.

"When did you get here?" Dad asked.

"Ten minutes ago, you were all busy talking, plus I needed to pee so no time for chatting." She chuckle.

"Where's Leo and Nadia?" I asked.

"He took her shopping for toys, it's a father daughter day for them." She replied.

"Tell him to bring her asap, I need some cheeks." Mom said making us laugh. She loves pinching cheeks. Till this day she pinches mine.

"You got it, I'll call him." She said before leaving the kitchen.

"Are Ryker and Grace coming?" I asked. 

"Yeah, they will arrive soon." Mom replied.

"I have to make some calls." Dad said before leaving the kitchen.

"If I were you, I wouldn't be telling your dad about your little crush."

"Never, he doesn't even like when I say someone is cute." I rolled my eyes.

"That's Ryder for you." She chuckled.

"Ryker said he's bringing home his new girlfriend."

"Hopefully she's better than the last she had." I said and she just giggle.

"We all know Ryker only thinks with his other head."

"Excuse me?" I turned to see Ryker. He's my third older sibling and he can be a pain in the ass sometimes. "It's the truth, big bro." I shrugged as he rolled his eyes. The girl next to him just giggled.

"This is my girlfriend, Emily."

"Hi, nice to meet you." She waved at us. Hmm, there's only one way to know if they are nice, time to play annoying sister.

"So, Emily. What are your intentions with my brother?, are you planning on getting married?, cheating, slapping him?" I asked with crossed arms, mom turned around trying not to laugh.

"Dawn!" Ryker said. 

"Shh, tool." I said while putting my hand on his face,

"Ryker, I love your sister. She's pretty funny." She smiled. We both gave her a surprised look. "What you just did, I did it with my brother when he brought home his girlfriend." She chuckled. "Don't worry, I love your brother, even though he can be a real pain sometimes, and thinks with his other head."

"I like her Ryker, treat her right or I will shove my foot down your throat."

"Geez, great my girlfriend and sister against me, feeling the love." He rolled his eyes and we just shrugged.

"And don't be annoying again, Nicholas is coming for dinner." Ryker said before leaving. My heart started to race at the mention of his name, it's been two years since I've seen him.

"So, Nicholas?" Emily asked with a cheeky smile.

"What about him?"

"You like him." She teased.

"Pfft, no. You like him." I retorted as she gave me a look.

"Don't worry, Ryker won't know."

"That obvious I am?" I sighed.

"When he mentioned Nicholas name your whole face changed and you blushed. You looked like those tomatoes." She said while pointing at the bowl.

"It's just a crush it will go away." I sighed.

"If you say so, but I think you two would be perfect for each other." She said before leaving the kitchen.

I can't believe he's coming. Maybe he has a girlfriend, or maybe he will say I'm ugly, or that I'm still annoying. So many thoughts invading my mind that I didn't realize someone was standing in front of me.

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