Chapter Twenty

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Distractions were good.
Distractions were healthy.
At least for a stress head like myself.
At 10PM last night Blayze had called Me and told Me neither Azlan or Zuke were yet responding to Quinn's treatments.
He'd decided (and I'd encouraged him) to hang around town and wait on feedback of the Dogs' condition's.
I'd hardly slept, no Blayze in the bed with Me and knowing Azlan and Zuke were both fighting for their lives.
When I'd seen the crack's of morning sunlight through the curtains I'd given up on sleep.
Now I sat at our dining table, second cup of coffee on the go and three notepads on the table, along with a pile of pen's and different coloured highlighters.
Time to get on with helping Noah and Codie, along with anybody else who suffered losses in the fire two days ago.
A vibrating sensation on the table had Me snapping my head up and making a dive for my ringing phone.
I could already see the picture of Blayze, Luka, Brodie and Dale that I was using as his contact picture.
I grabbed the iPhone and managed to slide a finger across the answer bar to accept the call before voicemail kicked in.
I asked, putting the phone against my ear.
I heard a bunch of shuffling noises in the background which I couldn't exactly pinpoint.
Blayze's tired voice finally greeted Me.
"Any news?"
I asked, reaching for my coffee.
Mild guilt hit Me instantly and I winced.
I probably should have at least asked him how he was doing...
"I'm headin' there now."
He informed Me.
I indeed heard the purr of the Diesel engine come to life.
"Quinn just called."
Blayze explained.
My heart nearly stopped.
I wanted to ask him for the verdict, but was too terrified to voice the question.
I wanted to know the answer, but I didn't want to.
I wasn't sure I could handle it.
"They're both at least slightly responding to treatment this morning."
Blayze explained.
I practically collapsed into the dining chair, relief hitting Me like a tonne of bricks.
"They're not out of the woods."
Blayze warned Me, like he could already sense my hope.
Hell he probably could.
"But responding is definitely better than last night's verdict of not responding."
He explained.
"So much better."
I agreed, my voice coming out as little more than a squeak.
I cleared my throat.
"Did you get any sleep?"
I heard Blayze yawn.
"Maybe an hour or two..."
He sighed.
"Definitely no more than that."
"Yeah... I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep much either."
I found myself all but whispering.
"Were the Kid's alright last night?"
Blayze questioned.
The Kid's...
I'd checked on the Twin's and Luka on my way down the hallway.
All were sleeping soundly.
That was around an hour ago though.
So far there wasn't a peep from Tameron.
He was having a day off school thanks to the snake incident and the Dog's being bitten and rushed to the Vet.
Rikki wasn't impressed.
Apparently Blayze had told her she we welcome to drive out here and get him in time to get him back to school this morning.
Rikki had hung up on him.
"They all slept through. Nobody's awake yet."
I told him, glancing towards the silent hallway.
A warm weight settled gently, but intently over my thigh.
I looked down to find Zeus had snuck up on Me and rested his chin on my leg.
He looked up at Me with sad, almost caramel coloured eyes.
He was lost without Azlan and Zuke.
And Blayze.
"Hey mate."
I croaked, giving his stocky golden head a pat.
Blayze asked.
"Talking to Zeus."
I explained.
"Well make sure you let Me know how Zuke and Az are doing."
I requested.
"Will do."
He promised.
"I love you."
I reminded him.
"Love you too."
The smile was almost audible in his voice.
I bade.
He replied.
I pulled the mobile from my ear and ended the call.

Noah hustled down the stairs with Baby Knox in her arms.
I glanced to the clock up on the wall.
She greeted, shooting Me a quick glance and making her way towards the kitchen and dining room section.
It was then that I noticed Knox's slightly red face and his whimper's of irritation.
"Good morning."
I replied, pushing myself out of my chair.
"Need Me to do something?"
I offered.
"Make a bottle? Make you a coffee? Cuddle Knox?"
I suggested.
Noah smiled weakly.
"He wants his breakfast. If you hold him you'll just have him crying until his bottle is ready."
I held out my arms in invitation.
"That's fine. You'll experience my Kid's crying while you're here."
Smiling, Noah shook her head and stepped up to transfer Knox into my arms.
He was noticeably bigger than Brodie and Dale, but probably a bit smaller than Luka had been at the same age.
His frustrated sounds paused as he opened his eyes to find out why he'd moved from his Mum's embrace.
"Good morning handsome boy."
I greeted him with a smile.
He blinked back at Me, while Noah hustled into the kitchen and got busy.
"Is Mamma gonna make your brekky bottle?"
I asked, tucking Knox into my right arm and using my left to tickle his tummy.
"Yes Aunty Bail's and I want her to hurry up!"
Noah replied for him, her voice animated.
I couldn't help but laugh.
Knox's face scrunched up.
Here we go...
"It's coming little Man."
Noah assured him, taking a bottle to the microwave.
Well she moves fast!
I didn't even notice her get the formula out of the cupboard!
I began to sway side to side, attempting to offer Knox a soothing rhythm, even though I knew that what he wanted most was his bottle.

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