Hot Chocolate

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Pop's Shoppe had always been your safe haven.
You have fond memories of going there with your parents every Friday for burgers and shakes all through elementary school. Then every Sunday night for hot chocolate when the weather started getting cooler.
So here you were, waiting for your dad to show, a steaming cup of hot chocolate in front of you as you typed away at your phone. Noticing a body slide into the booth in front of you, you spoke.
"Took you long enough, the chocolate is getting-" You stopped talking once realizing who was actually sitting in front of you. "You're not my dad..."
The boy smirked, "But I could be your daddy.." He trailed off with a smirk which made you scoff.
"What do you need, Mantle? The answers to next weeks bio test?"
He shook his head, "Actually I wanna take you out, like on a date."
You nearly choked on the liquid you had in your mouth, Reggie's eyes momentarily widening in panic as you coughed. He moved around to your side and patted your back as Pop rushed over.
"Honey, you okay?" The older man asked as you nodded.
"I'm fine Pop, j-just went down the wrong tube." You blushed as you realized everybody's eyes were on you and Reggie still had his hand on you.
The man eyed you two before walking away.
" I was saying...would you want to hot chocolate and chill?" Reggie asked and you couldn't help but let out a laugh.
You faced him, pursing your lips as if you were thinking. You wanted to tease him a bit. Make him think you were actually thinking over his invitation even though you already made up your mind.
Reggie grinned, "You won't regret going out with me, I swear."
"One condition though," You grabbed his arm, stopping him from getting out of the booth. "Call it hot chocolate and chill again and I will dump my drink on you."
"Noted." He winked and made his way towards the door just as you dad walked in.
"You been waiting long?" He asked.
Shaking your head, your gaze followed Reggie out into the parking lot. You were oddly excited for your upcoming date

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