Crushing On The New Girl

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Whispers and gossip were already leaving the mouths of students at Northside High. About what you may ask? Everyone was already talking about the new girl, (Y/N) (L/N).
"Did you guys hear? We have a new student, her name is (Y/N)" Kevin spoke to Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica, "How can we not hear it? The whole school is talking about her" Jughead pointed out.
"I think we should introduce ourselves when she's here, that way she knows a few people already" Betty suggested and they all agreed with her."Who is her guide since Betty wasn't asked?" Veronica questioned but it was already answered when they saw Cheryl walking down the halls with (Y/N).
Cheryl saw the five and walked towards them, "(Y/N) this is Archie, Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Veronica or as I used to call them, The Sad Breakfast Club"."Hi, it's nice to meet you guys" (Y/N) smiled, "Likewise" Jughead smiled lightly and the others agreed.
"Andrews, there you are. I've been looking for you. Practice is cancelled today due to heavy rain, Coach said we will be in the gym with the Vixens and just workout" Reggie informed.
"Thanks Reg" Archie thanked and Reggie looked and saw (Y/N), when he looked at her, he had to admit that she was gorgeous and he felt his heart jump a little. "You must be (Y/N), I'm Reggie" He introduced himself.
"Nice to meet you Reggie, how do you know my name?" (Y/N) asked curiously. "This is in a good way but everyone around school has been talking about you all day, I mean I don't blame them" He flirted.
(Y/N) felt her cheeks start to burn up, "Alright, well I need to finish showing her around so we will be going" Cheryl interrupted. "Cheryl, you and (Y/N) should sit with us at lunch" Veronica spoke.
Cheryl nodded, "See you guys then" (Y/N) smiled and looked at Reggie, who had winked at her. The two walked away and everyone looked at Reggie, "What?" He asked, "What a subtle way of flirting Reggie, you know, I don't think I've seen you flirt like that without making it sexual" Jughead noticed.
"And? What's that supposed to mean Jones?" Reggie questioned, "It means we think you are already developing a crush" Veronica butted in. "I think you are all wrong, I just think she's really pretty" Reggie argued.

A Week Later...
(Y/N) and Cheryl met up with Archie, Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Veronica at their lunch table and sat down. "How are you liking it here so far?" Betty asked politely, "In all honesty, I really like it here so far" (Y/N) answered.
"Because of Reggie" Cheryl smirked, "Cheryl!" (Y/N) exclaimed, she turned to see everyone smirking at her. "So Reggie seems to be interested in you and you feel the same, that's amazing, we need to make it happen" Kevin grinned.
"Woah, slow your roll Kev" Betty spoke. "(Y/N), you just have to be careful around Reggie. He's nice but he can be a dick sometimes, but if I'm going to be honest, the way he acted around you last week is something we never saw from him before" Archie informed.
"Which is a good thing" Veronica added. The table was silent for a second till Betty decided to speak, "So, (Y/N), are you going to try out for the cheer team?". (Y/N) sighed, "I'm not really sure", "It'd be fun plus you know Cheryl, Betty, and I" Veronica added. "Alright, alright, I'll try out" (Y/N) agreed. The girls all cheered and the boys chuckled.
A whistle can be heard and they all turned to see Chuck and a couple of other football players, "Damn, I didn't know the new girl was so hot" He smirked and (Y/N) rolled her eyes and looked to see Reggie looking at her. Chuck walked away with the others and Reggie kept looking back at (Y/N).

(Y/N) had just finished trying out for the team in front of everyone, including the football players considering they were to work out in the gym due to the weather that Reggie mentioned earlier.
She can feel eyes on her and she turned to see that Reggie was eyeing her up and down and when he made eye contact with her, she winked at him."Vixens, welcome the newest member of our team, (Y/N)" Cheryl grinned, "You're all dismissed" She added.
The girls looked to see Chuck was coming out of the girls locker room and they were curious. Chuck grinned as he held up a pair of teal underwear to show to the guys and (Y/N)'s eyes widened.
She saw Reggie roll his eyes and snatch the underwear out of Chuck's hand and she marched over to him. "Chuck, what the fuck? Dude, that is not cool to steal her underwear and it's not funny. You asshole, don't mess with her, leave her alone" Reggie angrily spoke.
She stood in front of the two and looked at Reggie, who handed her the underwear, "Is that my underwear?,oh my god, it is my underwear" She muttered.
"You're such a dick, you're lucky I didn't decide to shove my foot up your ass" (Y/N) threatened. Chuck looked at the guys and laughed, "Calm down princess, it was just a joke. You know, you're feisty and I like that. You're also very grumpy, maybe you just need some good di-" Chuck started but Reggie interrupted. "Trust me, she doesn't want anything from you so leave her alone".
Chuck turned to Reggie, "Why are you protecting her? Are you crushing on the new girl? Didn't think you had it in you Mantle.". Reggie huffed and Chuck looked at (Y/N), "You can have her, she's a waste of my time and whines like the bitch she is ".
(Y/N) raised her hand to slap Chuck but Reggie beat her to it and punched him in the face. Her eyes widened and Chuck turned to Reggie and Reggie was about to punch him again but (Y/N) stopped him.
Chuck walked away and Reggie looked down at (Y/N), "You okay?" he asked concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine. I didn't know he was such an asshole" (Y/N) answered.
Reggie was about to say something else but Archie interrupted, "(Y/N), I'm having a party tonight at my house and the gang and I are hoping you can come, same goes for you Reg"."Sure, I'll be there' The two answered in unison.

(Y/N) entered Archie's house with Cheryl by her side and looked around to see the group. The two walked towards them and greeted everyone, "You made it!" Veronica exclaimed which caused (Y/N) to giggle.
"Indeed I did" She answered and looked around, "Looking for Reggie?" Veronica asked and (Y/N) blushed, "Maybe". Veronica nudged Archie and he looked around, "I believe he's in the kitchen".
(Y/N) thanked him and made her way to the kitchen to find Reggie leaning against the counter. "Hey stranger" She greeted and he looked down to see her. "Hey, you're here. I was starting to think you wouldn't show up" He grinned.
"Why? Did you miss me?" She joked and Reggie smiled, "I actually did. Our little encounters with each other today is something I want every day".
"(Y/N), I know it's only your first week here but there's something I want to tell you" Reggie breathed out heavily, "What is it?" She asked, "I like-" Reggie was interrupted by someone yelling, "Body shots!!!!".
Reggie looked at (Y/N) with a smirk and she shook her head, "You're not taking a body shot off of me". Reggie pouted, "What did you want to tell me?" (Y/N) questioned.
"I wanted to tell you that I know it is literally your first week here at Riverdale but ever since I met you last week, I can't stop thinking about you. It's all new to me because I'm not one for dating and I'm pretty sure Archie and the others told you that already" Reggie confessed.
"What I'm trying to say is, I really like you (Y/N). I like you a lot" He added. (Y/N) smiled, "I like you too Reggie and I'm willing to give this a shot".Reggie hooked his arms around (Y/N)'s waist and pulled he closer.
He leaned down while she stood on her tip toes. The two were about to kiss but stopped when they heard, "Oh my god, it's happening!". They turned to see Kevin and Cheryl, "Don't mind us, we were leaving" Cheryl smiled and pulled Kevin away.
Reggie and (Y/N) laughed and looked at each other, "So, where were we?" Reggie asked and (Y/N) lightly tugged on the collar of Reggie's shirt and pulled him down and planted a kiss on his lips.
She pulled away and smiled, "That's where we were".

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