Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include

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Reggie being ashamed that his name is in the playbook. Even though it was once, he feels awful that he reduced another human being to a number on a piece of paper.
Reggie trying really hard to impress your parents by acting smart, but nothing that comes out of his mouth makes any sense.
Making out in the backseat of his Camaro and fogging up the Windows
Wearing his Letterman jacket like a badge of honor
But actually preferring his baggy sweatshirt with his last name printed on the back
Reggie doing an over the top, super public promposal for junior prom, which you get kind of embarrassed about
So for senior prom, he just gives you a batch of cupcakes that all day "Prom?"
You get together because you're both a little tipsy at one of his parties, and he confesses his ages-long crush on you
You wake up naked and wrapped around each other in his bed and wake him up for round 2
Or is it 3?
He always tries to secretly steal your underwear
But you always catch him and tell him he's being ridiculous
Leaving marks, especially scratches, all over his body after a passionate night together
Making it to as many games as possible because it makes him so happy to see you there
But he totally understands that you can't go to every single one

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