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It started after Midge and Moose got shot. You were afraid of Riverdale now. What made you even worry is your boyfriend was in some kind of group that was going to try to scare off or find the Black Hood.
You were currently, in class trying to focus. You could feel your eyes droop down as the teacher talked.You closed your eyes and let your head fall onto the desk.
"Y/N? Y/N," You woke up to see Betty shaking you awake.
"I'm up," You tell her, sitting up properly. Your neck felt stiff as you were in an uncomfortable position.
"Are you alright?" She asked you.
"Why wouldn't I be?" You ask her.
"You don't look good," She said.
"I'm fine. I promise," You tell her before gathering your things and heading off.
During lunch, you were in the student lounge with your boyfriend as you sat on his lap. Your head was on his should as he was talking to some of his teammates. Reggie was rubbing small circles on your knee as you sat on his lap.
"Reggie, is your girlfriend alright?" His friend asked.
"Why wouldn't she be?" Reggie asks him.
"Because she's asleep on your shoulder," He pointed out. Reggie looked over to see you asleep.
"Leave it. I'll wake her up before lunch ends," Reggie tells him as he helped make you more comfortable.
During the day, you slept but during the night time, you were wide awake due to the paranoia. When you and Veronica went out, you were drinking a lot of coffee.
"That's like your second cup. You won't be able to sleep tonight," Veronica tells you.
"It's fine," You tell her.
"Y/N, you've been sleeping everywhere during the day time," Veronica pointed out.
"It'll stop eventually," You tell her.
"You sure? If it's about the Black Hood-"
"It's not," You interrupted.
The next day, you were at Pop's with Reggie, having some milkshakes. You were leaned against him as he talked to you. You felt your eyes droop again, causing you to fall asleep again.
"Y/N? Babe? Wake up," You opened your eyes to see Reggie smiling down at you.
"I fell asleep again, didn't I?" You ask him.
"Yup. Are you alright?" Reggie asked you. You sat up and looked at him.
"I haven't been getting enough sleep lately," You tell him.
"How much sleep have you been getting at night?" Reggie asks.
"Like three or two hours of sleep," You tell him.
"What's wrong?" He asked you.
"With all this Black Hood stuff going on and school. I just feel tired a lot," You tell him.
"I get it. Are your parents going to be home tonight?" He asked you.
"No. They're off on a business trip," You tell him.
"Good," He smirked.
"What are you thinking about?" You question him.
"You are going to stay away from any caffeine and you're going back to sleeping at night instead of the day," Reggie tells you.
"Fine," You say.
When you both went to your place, you both lied down on the couch. Reggie wrapped his arms around you as you were watching some movie.
"Reggie, this isn't helping me," You tell him.
"It kinda is for me," Reggie tells you, sleepily. You sat up making him groan.
"You know, my arms around you was nice until you got up," Reggie said.
"We need to do something," You tell him. Reggie sat up and started to kiss your neck. You smile as you knew what he wanted.
"Not that," You tell him.
"Buzzkill," Reggie mumbled. You looked over at him making Reggie smile.
"I'm joking," He tells you. You gave him a kiss before getting up.
"What do normal people do to go to sleep?" You say.
"Listen to slow music, read boring books, bang until you're sore and tired," Reggie listed. You looked at him again from what he said in the last part.
"Really?" You asked him.
"About the last part," You reminded him.
"It's an option," Reggie tells you.
"That can be a last resort," You smirk, teasing him a little. Reggie grinned before getting up.
"We can try the first part though," You tell him.
"Listen to slow music?" Reggie asked.
"And maybe we can just talk?" You tell him.
"Of course."
You both went to your room where you put on your slow songs playlist. You lied down on your bed with Reggie as he had an arm around your waist.
"This is nice," You tell him.
"I agree."
"We should do this more," You tell him. Reggie nodded as you both lied down and cuddled.
"What's the real reason why you're sleeping during the say?" He asked you, breaking the comforting silence.
"The Black Hood. I'm afraid he's going to kill me in my sleep," You tell him truthfully.
"Y/N, you have nothing to worry about. From what I heard, he's only killing like sinners. Or at least that's what my mom read in the newspaper," Reggie told you.
"Reggie, you're part of the Red Circle thing and I'm worried about you," You tell him.
"I promise I'll be fine. Alright?" Reggie tells you. You nodded as he leaned down to give you a kiss on the forehead.
"Besides, I'm only doing this so you'll be safe," Reggie tells you.
"Really?" You asked him.
"Yeah. Again, I promise I'll be careful for you," Reggie said.
"Please do," You say.
You woke up the next morning next to Reggie who was snoring softly in his sleep. You looked around before kissing Reggie's jaw. You got up and started to look through your clothes.
"Morning, beautiful," Reggie tells you. You look over and smile as he was looking over at you.
"Morning, handsome," You say going back on the bed. You gave him a kiss making him smile.
"You actually slept through the whole night," Reggie mentions.
"I know. Thank you for helping me," You say, giving him another kiss.
"Your welcome. Do you want to get some breakfast from Pop's?" Reggie asks you.
"I'd love that," You tell him

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