World Of Chances

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Standing to the side, Y/N watched as Reggie stood in the middle of his group of friends completely ignoring her presence. She had grown accustomed to it lately unfortunately. Reggie and Y/N's relationship wasn't always on the back burner for him, but ever since he became Captain of the Bulldogs, the man that she had loved turned in to more of a stranger she shared memories with.
Her heart broke at just her own thoughts of how she believed Reggie now thought of her and their relationship. Y/N had been standing watching him for the past 10 minutes trying to get his attention. Their original plan to hangout tonight weren't going to work for her anymore. Not only did she not want to spend time with him now, but Toni, Sweet Pea, Fangs and Jughead had invited Y/N to hangout with them tonight and that defiantly sounded a lot better to her.
Especially after all the hell Reggie and Cheryl gave them today, their first day at Riverdale High. It had infuriated Y/N at how rude Reggie had become with the serpents. He knew about her friendship with the serpents and the specific one with four of them. So when he came marching down those stairs with Cheryl, Y/N couldn't help but be disappointed in him. She didn't expect Reggie to be thrilled about it but all he had to do was keep out of it like she had asked him.
Jughead and Toni had seen her watching Reggie from a far and approached her. "You haven't talked him yet, have you?" Jughead asked as he became within earshot of Y/N. She looked back at her two friends and shook her head no. "He's been too busy to notice that I've been standing here for the past 10 minutes waiting for him like I always." Y/N informed her two serpent friends. Hearing Toni sigh at her, she knew the lecture she was going to get but didn't want to hear it. She threw her hand up in the air before Toni even began to speak, "Don't."
Finally having enough of standing on the sideline to Reggie, she walked over to him. "Babe." Y/N called out as she grabbed his lose hand that was down by his side. It wasn't the sound of her voice that caught his attention but her touch that made him jump slightly. Reggie pulled his hand out of hers before rudely saying, "What's up?"
Y/N turned her head slightly at his rudeness. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" She asked politely ignoring how annoyed she was becoming with this new attitude of his. Reggie nodded his head and walked away from his group of friends. Y/N slowly followed behind him walking around the corner. He turned around to face her, "Make it quick. I'm running the track with a few of the guys to get ready to basketball try outs next week."
Flinching at his words, Y/N looked up at him. "Excuse you? Make it quick? Who do you think you are talking to first of all. Secondly, I've been standing in my normal spot waiting for you for the past ten minutes Reggie. But you are too caught up in having your ego boosted with your stupid friends to realize it." Stopping herself, she took a deep breath and ran a hand through her hair. "I was coming to tell you that after all the shit you pulled on my friends today, I'm going to hang with them. Have fun running the track hot shot." She spat his nickname out with nothing but disgust on her tongue instead of the cute flirty way she use to. Hearing that Reggie knew he messed up, but his hate for the serpents would always top any other emotion he had.
As Y/N turned around to walk away, she head Reggie's words. "Whatever Y/N. Go continue to slither around with Southside scum." And she lost it. Turning back around, Y/N began to ran at Reggie with a fist in the air but arms flew around her waist and two figures appeared in front of her. "Walk away Y/N. Don't do something you can't undo." Jughead pleaded from in front of her standing next to Toni. From the height of the person holding her, she knew it was Sweet Pea. Y/N looked past them at Reggie as he stood there with his arms crossed and a stone cold face.
Taking a deep breath, she placed her hands on Sweet Pea's and pulled them off of her. "Y/N." Sweet Pea called out as she just shook her head and walked out of the school away from Reggie. Tears began rolling down her face as she the coldness hit her face. For some reason, Reggie had pushed away the fact that the serpents took Y/N in as one of their own when she needed it the most. When things were going downhill after her mom died, FP an Jughead were the first ones to jump in to action making sure her and her dad were taken care of.
Reggie knew all of this, yet he still chose to continuously go after her friends. Chance after chance she was giving him to knock it off, but when was it going to be enough? When were all the chances going to be burned? Y/N couldn't seem to answer that questions to herself. She loved Reggie and that love clouded how many chances she was giving out to him. After today, this moment, Y/N was officially out of chances. Y/N had never wanted to feel this way ever again.
"Y/N!" She heard a familiar voice called out from behind her. But she didn't dare to turn around with tears still streaming down her face. Taking deep breaths, she brought her hands to her face and began to wipe her tears away and trying to fix her makeup the best she could. "Can we talk about this at least before you punch me or continue to walk away?" Her breath hitched at his words. Reggie still wasn't understanding that he was in the wrong.
Turning to face him, Y/N took his appearance in one last time knowing what was about to happen. "You finally want to talk about this Reggie? I've been waiting to talk about this since the minute you decided to join in the street fight with them after knowing damn well what the serpents mean to me." Once Y/N opened her mouth, she knew she wasn't going to be able to shut it. At this point, she didn't really care though.
"We've been together for 3 years now Reggie and we've been growing up together at least I am growing up. But you, oh god it's like you've taken a hundred steps back ever since Jason died. It's like Jason died and so did the man I loved. And I've been continuously giving you the benefit of the doubt. But at this point, I've given you a world of chances that you continue to blow through." Y/N couldn't help but let the tear continue to fall again. This had to have been the hardest thing she has ever done right next to saying goodbye to her mom. She couldn't help but let the tears fall.
Watching as Reggie's face fell, Y/N couldn't lie saying that it wasn't breaking her heart even more. Having to continuously keep her mouth shut, she couldn't help but let it all out as once. Unfortunately that was hurting the person she loved the most in the process, but Reggie had gone months of indirectly and directly hurting her. And after all those words, Reggie can only say a few. "I don't know how I can fix Y/N."
Y/N's mouth couldn't help but drop. She had just told him how he can fix it. She had been telling him for months on how to change it. Apparently Reggie hadn't been listening to maybe at the point he didn't care to change it. "My judgement has been clouded by my love for you Reggie. I kept turning the other cheek or giving you another chance all while turning around and trying to defend you to anyone who confronted me. But that's over. I can't continue to do this anymore."
Reggie took a step closer to Y/N trying to reach out his arms to touch her only for her to pull away from him. "My world of chances just imploded Reggie." He furiously shook his head at her words. "Don't do this Y/N. I'm asking you not to do this." Y/N scoffed at his words. He wasn't winning this one, not anymore. "What about all the times I asked you no to do something? This isn't anyone's fault but your own. I just can't give you another chance. I'm not letting you hurt me again."
Pausing before she said those few words out loud knowing they were going to change everything, Y/N kept her sob in in attempted to keep herself together. "It's over Reggie. No more chances." And with that she took off past him, in search of her family who she didn't have to give a world of chances to.

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