No Trust

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You are this confident person who talks to everyone and is nice to them, unless they were being rude at the moment. But the way you talked to people, especially guys, made Reggie self conscious.
So, Chuck takes it upon himself to test your loyalty to Reggie. At a party, Chuck gets drunk or at least pretends to be drunk and 'stumbles' over you, interrupting a conversation you were having with someone else.
"Hey, Y/N. Looking good this evening." He eyes you up and down. "As always." He winked and you mentally gagged. You knew Chuck never did anything without purpose. Why would now be any different. What he was up to?
You sighed, "What do you want Chuck?"
He smirks, "Nothing, can't I just enjoy your wonderful company."
You eyed him suspiciously before giving in, not really having the energy to protest, "I guess it can't hurt to talk to you since I can't seem to find Reggie."
"Now that's what I'm talking about." He looks over at the dance floor and nods in its direction. "What do you say we dance for a bit while Reggie makes his reappearance?"
You didn't see any harm in it so you agreed. "Fine, but no funny business."
You guys danced for a bit, singing along to the song and just being silly before Chuck grabs your hand and twirls you around. It took you by complete surprise and it made you think. "You know Chuck, if you weren't such an ass to women you could be happy and in a relationship. I'm sure your charms could sweep someone off their feet," the song playing turned slow and he took a step closer to you, it kind of freaked you out, then you added "just like Reggie did with me."
Chuck scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Speaking of Reg, I wonder why he left his gorgeous girlfriend all alone." He leans in closer to you and whispers in your ear, "You know, if you were my girlfriend I would never leave you alone at a party."
Was he flirting? You couldn't really tell. It was Chuck after all. That and he seems drunk. "Okay... I think you have had way too much to drink." You push him back and lead him to a seat. "Stay here. I'm going to get you some water." Under your breathe you add, "and find Reggie."
On your way to the kitchen to get Chuck some water you find Reggie chatting with Archie about football plays. You walk up to them, "Hey, sorry to interrupt but Reggie, I need you." He didn't say anything but looked a bit surprised. "Now!"
Archie and Reggie gave each other a look that you just knew that they had their minds in the gutter but right now you had to tell Reggie what was going on.

You pulled Reggie aside, "What's going on babe?" he asked.
You took a deep breathe, "I'm not quite sure. I think... Chuck was... flirting with me?"
He was surprised at first but then got kind of angry. Why would Chuck do that? "Are you sure?" he asked you.
You shrugged, "Like I said I'm not sure but he did seem pretty out of it. I think he may be a little too drunk. Go talk to him, please. Make sure he's okay and see if he needs a ride home, yeah?" He still looked confused but nodded anyway, "I'm going to find him some water, he's by the dance floor."
Reggie quickly finds and confronts Chuck. "Dude what the hell? Trying to talk up my girl?" The anger was evident on his face.
Chuck gave him a wicked grin, "Chill. I was just testing her loyalty to you man. I knew you were having a tough time trusting her so I figured if she responded to my moves then we'd know for sure." He laughed and added, "Don't worry, she loyal."
Reggie grabbed the front of Chucks shirt, "I do trust her, not that it's any of your business."

Now it was Chuck's turn get angry, "What the hell man. I was just looking out for you."
Reggie let go of his shirt and pushed him away, "I didn't ask you to. Just stay out of relationship with Y/N." He started walking away but at the last minute he turned back, "You know, she was actually worried about you. She wanted me to take you home because she thought you were too drunk. I can't believe you played her like that." After that he stormed off.
Chuck couldn't care less, he knew Reggie would come around eventually. So, he went back to partying.
You had seen the whole thing go down and followed Reggie outside. You found him near his car, pacing. He looked deep in thought.
You were not sure how to make your presence known. You settled for the not so subtle route. "So, do you really not trust me?" you asked.

His head flew in your direction, "Hmm?"
You walked over and leaned on his car crossing your arms. You looked to the ground and said, "I heard Chuck say you were having trouble trusting me." You then looked up into his eyes with so much hurt, "Why?"
He sighed and brought his hands up to cup your face. "Babe, I do trust you. I just don't trust other people. You are the nicest person I know. You're bound to catch other people's attention." You take his hands into your own.
"What do you mean?" you ask confused as to why this has to do with other people.
Reggie sighed again, "You are just so much better than me. I'm not a good person Y/N. You deserve more than me." He looks at you heartbroken.
This makes you slightly angry. "Reggie, you don't get to decide that for me. I do. Who I choose to love and live my life with is just that, my choice. If I didn't want to be with you, I would never string you along. I thought you knew me better than that."
He frowns, "I know but sometimes I forget and I get self conscious." You pull his arms around your waist and wrap him up in a hug. He hugs you back squeezing you tightly against him.
"I love you Reggie. Never forget that" you whisper into his chest.
"I love you too Y/N." You remain like that for a good minute before he pulls back leaving his hands on your hips. He looks down at you with a loving smile on his face.
You slide your hands up from his chest and lock them behind his neck. "Thank you."
He furrows his brows in confusion, "For what?" he asks.
"For standing up to Chuck on my behalf."
He chuckles a little, "Babe, I will always stand up for you. Especially since you're always in the right." It was your turn to laugh but then his face turned serious again. "Can I ask you a question?"
"Sure." You give him an encouraging look.
Reggie's face is stone serious when he asks, "You could have anyone you want, why choose me?"
You could tell this has been eating away at him for quite some time. You stand on your tippy toes and bring your lips to his in a slow yet passionate kiss. You pull back and say, "If I were to tell you all the reasons I choose you, we'd be here all night. Not to mention it would inflate your already huge ego." He rolls his eyes, "But in all seriousness, not only do I make you a better person but you also make me the best version of myself, Reggie. I would never trade our best moments with anyone else. And I would most definitely choose you over anyone, anyday."
He arched his eyebrow, "Even Leonardo Dicaprio?"
"Well..." you cock your head to the side and look away from him deep in thought. As he was about to groan you add, "I'm kidding, especially Leonardo Dicaprio. Do you know how old he is now?" You laugh, "I like 'em young."
He laughs out loud in disbelief, "So does that mean when I'm old you're going to leave me for a newer model?"
"Damn straight."
"Not even denying it." He takes the opportunity to tickle your waist.
You giggle, "Sorry Reggie, just being truthful."
He narrows his eyes at you as if contemplating his next words. "So, you'd just leave me with the kids?"
He expected you to question him but the truth was that you did see this future with him even if he wasn't too sure about it yet. So, obviously the question didn't phase you. "Uh yeah. How am I supposed to get the attention of some young hot piece of ass with a bunch of kids hanging around?" You smirk at him challenging him to say something else.
"Okay, so these kids of ours. How many would we have?"
You didn't even hesitate to answer. "Two or three. At least one of each."
He seemed quite impressed with your responses. "Really? Okay. What will their names be?"
You took a deep breath, "Well, if it's a girl, I'd let you name her." He eyes you suspiciously not quite buying it. "Okay maybe only a middle name... as long as it's not an ugly name. I get final approval. They are coming out of my vagina after all."
He chuckles, "And if it's a boy?"
You stare dreamily off into the distance, "Definitely Leonardo Dicaprio." You look back at Reggie gauging his reaction with a huge grin on your face. "Kidding... sort of... maybe...maybe not. It's a cute name."
"You're lucky you're cute and can get away with this." You blush and he kisses your forehead. "I trust you Y/N, with all my heart. And I trust that we will make each other happy for the rest of our lives."

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