Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include

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You'll also find yourself doing all of the cliche couple shit that you only ever see in unrealistic romcoms.
Like he'll definitely give you his letterman jacket for you to wear to all of his football games.
Anytime he scores a touchdown, he'll look out into the crowd to search for where you're seated.
Then he'll probably wink at you or just give you a huge grin.
And omg, before he even goes onto the field, he'll run to the bleachers and give you a quick kiss before the game starts
Like, that's his pre-game ritual
And it's also his way of making it super clear to everyone that your his girl
And he'll also be super into PDA
There'll be a whole heap of hand holding
Lots of forehead kisses when you two are walking together
And he'll totally be carrying your books for you
Like, all of the guys on the team will probably give him hell for the way he's completely and utterly whipped for you
But he doesn't give two shits
Because he loves you, and so he loves doing things for you to show that
Like carrying your books
Giving you his jacket
Letting you steal some of his fries whenever you're at Pop's
Hell, he'll even be willing to just give all of the food he ordered if he knew you were hungry
As well as that, I think Reg would be the type to call you by a whole bunch of different pet names, just depending on his mood.
If he's needy he'll probs be calling you babe or baby
"Babyyyy, can we just ditch last period and go somewhere else"
If he's in a super duper good mood, he'll probably call you princess
"Princess, you look so fucking hot in that dress"
Reggie is also definitely the jealous type.
God help the poor boy who hits on you without knowing that you already have a boyfriend
Because Reggie would just embarrass the hell out him
I see him being the type to just walk up to you and start making out with your face if you were in a conversation with a guy he didn't like
And once he pulls away from you, and sees the poor dude backing away, with bright red cheeks, he starts smirking out of satisfaction
"What the hell, Reg! Was embarrassing the poor guy really necessary?"
"He needed to take a fucking hint, babe."
"Aw, you're adorable when you're jealous."
"Don't you mean sexy?"
"No... I mean adorable."
And, as well as that, I also think that being with Reggie will mean that you'll be a lot more adventurous and extroverted, and he'll be a lot more level-headed and serious about school and shit like that, just because of the each of you affect each other.
Like, Reggie would hate being anywhere without you, so he would convince you to go with him to every party and social gathering
And you become used to being put in these social situations
So you ultimately become a lot more comfortable in large crowds because of it.
And, also, for that same reason, he'll probably call you frequently at like two in the morning because he can''t sleep and he wants to go for drive somewhere with you
All in all, being apart of the wild and crazy life of Reggie Mantle will inevitably have this affect on you
And, in the same way, you'll do the same to him
Like, sometimes if he asks you if you two can hang, you tell him that you can't because you're studying or you have an assignment to finish
Then, although the mere thought of doing schoolwork make him crying, Reggie insists on studying with you, or helping you finish that assignment
And, I mean he does, for like the first five minutes
Then he gets distracted by your face and all of a sudden all he wants to do is suck your face and cuddle
But, as he continues to 'study' with you, he actually picks up somethings here and there, and before you know he ends up teaching you some stuff
Like if you started talking to him about Physics
He'll look up one of the words you used
And then he'll just show up the next day, and be all
"Hey did you know Thomas Edison was a real asshole"
I think that, overall, both of you will just bring out something different in each other which, I think, is pretty fucking beautiful.
I also think you'd have to talk some sense into him when you find out he's in the middle of all of the Red Circle and Jingle Jangle bullshit.
Like, I definitely think an argument would arise when you confront him about this, because he would just get really defensive without really listening
"Reg, do you have any idea what this does to your body?"
"If you had one too many of this shit, you could be dead for all we know"
Don't do drugs, kids.
"Don't you think you're being just a little bit dramatic, babe"
"I mean, I'm alive, so it's not like it did that much harm"
"That is so not the point, Reggie."
Once you call him Reggie instead of the usual Reg or whatever pet name you think you'd call him, he catches on that you're really pissed off at him for doing and dealing drugs behind your back.
"And, getting into a fight with serpents?! Do you have a death wish or something?"
In the heat of the moment, he would be pretty pissed at you
But then, he'll soon realize that you only got pissed off at him because you care way too much about his stupid ass to just sit by and watch him land himself a spot in jail.
And, omg, Reggie would also 100% be the type of guy to do really grand gestures to show his affection.
Like, if prom was around the corner
And you already know that he's gonna be your date
He'll still go through the trouble of doing something huge
I'm talking serenading you, gifting you with roses and a huge sign
Or you being invited to the center of the football field where "Prom?" is on the mega screen and he's on his knees or something
He would absolutely sweep you off your feet
Put wild ass butterflies in your stomach
Like it would all feel a bit too go to be true
But thas just the way my Reggie rolls
Omg, and then, when you two become really serious, the whole meeting the parents thing will completely rattle the both of you.
Like, I know that we haven't seen a lot of them, but I feel like it's safe to assume that mama and papa Mantle are super strict and, therefore absolutely terrifying.
And, omg, it would be both cute and amusing to watch Reggie freak out over meeting your parents
Like, I think this would be one of the few things he actually genuinely puts effort into
Because it's really important to him that you're parents like him
Because he fucking loves you
Not to mention he would much prefer walking through the front door rather than sneaking through your window whenever he wants to see you
To conclude, I 100% believe, with every fiber of my being, that Reggie Mantle would be a top notch, super duper cliche, but really fucking loving and caring boyfriend.

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