The New Girl

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"We're going to Pop's after the game right?" You ask Reggie as you two walk through the silent halls. You'd left class five minutes before the bell to swing by the new girls class, Jess, so you could take her to her next class. Reggie just so happened to be outside your classroom when you left.
"Of course baby." Apparently, since the halls were empty, Reggie decided to take it as a chance to be handsy, attempting to touch nearly every part of your body. You thanked God no one was around to witness him all over you, although you two did 98% of the PDA at Riverdale. It was still ever so slightly embarrassing.
"Just don't be late again, and please chill with the touching," You reached the new girls class, and at this point Reggies hands made their way to your ass, grabbing it and leaning in to kiss you. You kiss back for the hell of it, his mouth tasting like strawberries.
"You know the boys get rowdy after we win game," He states after breaking the kiss and letting you go. You roll your eyes, knowing that he is the one who starts the rowdiness, and knock on the door.
"Plus how can I stop touching you when you're wearing this cheerleading uniform, that's too short to cover a certain area, might I add." He whispers in your ear, making goosebumps arrive on the back of your neck. You knock on the door once more, Reggie's hand moves to grip your ass, as soon as the door opens.
"Hi, uh, I need to take Jess to her next class." You manage to get out, feeling caught like a deer in headlights. The teacher gives you and Reggie a look of slight disgust, and fetches Jess over. Jess comes out of the classroom, greeting you and Reggie. You're still a little stirred because Reggie's hand is still planted firmly on your ass. Of course it's nothing new, but something was up with him today, he was... hornier than usual.
"I'm so glad you came because that class couldn't have come sooner," She practically jumps in relief. Staring at the two of you, tucking a piece of her brown hair behind her ear. She was practically undressing your man with her eyes. However, he was too mesmerized by you to even know.
"Anyways, where's your next class?" You break away from Reggie and walk down the hall with Jess.

Lunch time. Sometimes this would be you and Reggie's sexy time, because food isn't the only thing Reggie want to eat, but you decided to hang with Jess and show her around more.
"Babygirl c'mon," Reggie was kissing on your neck, trying to get you to ditch the new girl to bang one out in his car.
"What's up with you today? And no, I have to be of lovely assistants today."
"You could be of my lovely assistance," He kisses your jaw. "Plus, you know how I get the day of the big-"
You cut him off by signaling Jess to come to your table. "Jess!" She scuffles towards to table, she sits down and soon other jocks come to your table.
"Who's the new girl?" Chuck nudges, "You need a friend little lady?"
"Mhm, no thank you I have my eyes on someone else." She eyes Reggie, licking the pudding off of her spoon.
"OOH! New girl's got the hots for Reggie." Moose shouts, in a cackling tone. You roll your eyes at both Moose and Jess. Obviously she knew you were with Reggie, she just could care less.
"You do realize I'm with Y/N, right new girl?" Reggie says it in a harsh tone. Now, normally you would snap at Reggie for being mean. But she crossed the line, and you didn't care.
"S-sorry.." And with that she runs off.

Three days later...
You were at your locker when someone slide the book near your feet. We all know of the book, we all hate the book. You were so fucking sick of the shitty ass book, but your mind told you to open it. You pick it up, opening it, examining it, flipping through the pages; when you reach the last page, your heart hurt. Reggie's name was next to Jess', in the fucking playbook. Your blood boiled, you toss the book across the hall, earning some looks from other students. Only the book accidentally hits Kevin.
"Jesus Christ Y/N, is this that stupid playbook? What's going on?" Kevin comes up to you, clutching your arm. You let out an angry sigh in response.
"Reginald.." You gritted through your teeth. You were angry, upset, and annoyed. Reggie specifically said the playbook was in the past, and there he fucking goes, fucking other girls while in a whole ass relationship. You scan the hall, looking for any sign of him or his bitch ass friends. You spot him, Chuck, and Jess. You approach the trio, Kevin hot on your heels.
"Reginald Mantle.. Who the literal fuck do you think you are?"
"Baby what are you talking about?" The smile on Reggie's face turns into full terror and confusion. Kevin tosses the book towards him. Catching it, he turns to the last page, seeing his name next to Jess'. "Y/N, baby,"
"Don't baby me. Why in the hell is your name next to hers?" You spat, pointing to Jess. In response to you, Jess just looks up at Reggie and bats her eyes. Reggie paying her no attention, just aimlessly staring at the book in his hands. When Reggie initially said he was done with the playbook he meant it. He'd never betray his babygirl by fucking someone else. At this point people were watching, not just watching, but waiting. Waiting for his answer, for how this is going to turn out.
"Baby, I didn't write this, nor did I fuck her." His voice trails off as his head and eyes shift to Chuck.
"Don't look at me. I didn't write shit in that book this week."
"Then who wrote it?" You're getting angrier by the minute. Someone is lying, and if so they better speak up. Your jaw clenches as there's a prolonged silence, even the hallway was silent as people intently listened to this confrontation. You could almost hear a pin drop.
"I wrote it," Jess said with an extremely fake giggle.
"But... why?" Kevin asked the question that everybody in the hall wanted to hear, even the teachers that were listening.
"Do you see Reggie? This man's a literal god. I was hoping that if I wrote his name next to my name, lil ol' Y/N here would break it off, and I could have him all to myself." At this point she basically monologues. Like an evil ass villain, with a dumb ass plan for world domination.
"That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that!" Cheryl, who was standing next to you shouted to herself, pouting, then walking out after. You could care less about Cheryl at this point, all you cared about was why the hell Jess thought her plan would fall through. Not going to lie though, she had you at first, but you should've seen all this coming.
"You can't just decide you're going to take someone's boyfriend that easily," Archie stands up for you. Your fellow peers nodding in agreement. "I mean, you're pretty lucky Y/N doesn't beat you up."
No matter how lucky she is, you don't think you could bring yourself to fighting. It could make or break your reputation, and possibly get you kicked off the cheerleading squad.
"I'm sorry." She's nearly on the verge of tears. How? How could someone go from villain to victim so fast? She did all this, just to break down in tears? You couldn't believe it.
"You ca-"
"Sorry doesn't cut it, and you definitely said that the last time. Fix yourself." Reggie states, cutting you off. He rolls his eyes and walks away, staring at those still watching, and they go back to doing what they were before. The bell rings signalling the end of passing time and the start of a new period. You scoff, and walk away. Something that could've truly been avoided. Jess continues crying, being consoled by Chuck. Apart of you is genuinely concerned because she's being comforted by Chuck. Welp, only time will tell.

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