You Lied

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When you saw the video you were angry, no fuming. The moment you saw it you marched down the corridor on a mission to find your boyfriend. People saw that you were someone on a mission and moved out of your way. You spotted Reggie getting something out of his locker and went over, slamming the locker shut causing him to jump. "Hey." He drew out. Once he saw the expression on your face he knew you found out about the video and that you were pissed.
"What the hell is this?" You exclaimed demanding to know. Reggie gulped knowing you weren't going to like his answer. He looked around noticing a few prying ears and nodded for you to follow him to a quieter place, an empty classroom. You folded your arms across you chest waiting for him to explain.
"It's not what it looks like." Reggie started.
"Really? Because to me it looks like you're joining in on Archie's death wish. I mean you have to be a special kind of idiot to make a video taunting a serial killer. What were you thinking!?" You exploded throwing your arms up in disbelief.
"I was thinking I wanted to protect you, Y/N." Reggie admitted, his voice raised to the same as yours. When he said that you felt the anger you previously felt slip away.
"Reggie, I get that you want to protect me and I find it sweet that you do but joining this Red Circle won't help. What if something happens to you? Who's gonna protect me then? Promise me you won't be involved anymore." You pleaded, your voice cracking as you did. Reggie saw your change in demeanour and saw that you were scared. He walked over to you and cupped both of your cheeks in his hands.
"I promise." He promised before planting a kiss on your lips, a soft one in contrast to your usual passionate ones.
Reggie was on his way to tell Archie that he is no longer helping with the Red Circle when he found out that the principal has suspended the football team which solidified his decision to not be involved along with the other members of the team. Archie tried to persuade him otherwise but it didn't work. When you found out about the situation you felt bad that Reggie couldn't play football, the one thing he loves to do, because of the Red Circle but at the same time you were also glad as this meant he would be no longer involved with the Black Hood situation. The brief moment of relief soon fizzled out as soon as it began when you found out from Veronica that he was still involved.
The two of you were meant to be hanging out that evening but Reggie never showed up. You tried calling him but it went straight to voicemail. You assumed he must have fallen asleep doing studying or something so you decided to see if Veronica wanted to hang out. "Hey, V. I was wondering of you wanted to hang out or something tonight. Reggie cancelled." You said once she answered her phone.
"Y/N, I don't know how to tell you this but, errm... Reggie is here at Archie's along with the other members of the football team. I'm sorry, Y/N." Veronica told you, her voice hushed so no one could hear her. You were speechless. The same anger you felt when you first saw the video came flooding back, maybe even more of it. After saying a quick thank you before hanging up you grabbed your coat and car keys off of the side table and decided to drive over to Archie's to confront Reggie. As you were driving your knuckles turned white from grabbing the steering wheel tightly.
When you got to Archie's the fight was already taking place. You stepped out of your car into the pouring rain trying to spot your boyfriend in the crowd. Once you did you ran over to him. You saw that the Serpent he was fighting with had the upper hand you decided to get involved. Even though you were pissed at your boyfriend you were still overcome with the need to protect him. "Hey, asshole." You said getting the guys attention. He looked up wondering who said that before you decked him. Reggie looked at you in shock as the Serpent fell to the ground. You cursed to yourself at how much pain you were in. You've never punched anyone before and probably won't ever again as it hurts, a lot. You and Reggie looked at each not saying anything, so many things were going through your head that you had no idea what to say. Your gaze broke when you heard a gunshot go off and you both looked over seeing Veronica holding a gun.
Once all of the Serpents scampered away and Dilton was taken to the hospital by one of the members of the football team. You started walking away back to your car to go home yourself, not wanting to speak to Reggie right now. "Y/N, wait." Reggie called after you running up to you. When he saw you weren't stopping he added. "I'm sorry, okay." That's what got you to stop in your tracks. You turned on your heel so you were facing him.
"Don't. You lied to me Reggie. You lied. You told me you would stop getting involved with the Red Circle and I find out that you cancelled hanging out with me to participate in some fight club. I- I can't right now." Even though it was raining Reggie could see the tears falling down your cheeks. It broke his heart seeing you crying. Reggie knew he messed up big time. You began walking away but Reggie grabbed your hand before you had a chance to get far. You winced as he grabbed your injured hand.
"Y/N." He breathed. When he saw you wince he tried to look at it in the poorly lit street. "Your hand."
"It's fine." You said, void of any emotion. You tried to free your hand from Reggie's but he just grabbed it back.
"It's not fine. Let me take you home and help you." It wasn't a question, more of an instruction. You reluctantly agreed to let him take you home even though you didn't want to be in the same room as him until you calmed down. The car ride was silent. It wasn't the usual comfortable silence it was the awkward one.
After you got home and Reggie bandaged up your hand you both sat at your kitchen table in silence. If it back at Archie's you would have snatched your hand away immediately but now you've calmed down a bit you let Reggie hold your hand. "Luckily it's not broken." He told you. "I still can't believe you punched that guy." Reggie laughed in disbelief and you to smirk a little.
"Well, if I didn't step in he would have kept punching you and hurt that pretty face of yours. I couldn't let that happen now, could I?" You teased. The laughter you shared died back down to silence.
Reggie sighed. "I truly am sorry, Y/N. I- I messed up, I know I did and I wasn't thinking. I shouldn't have lied to you and got involved again. Please forgive me."
"Your damn right you shouldn't have lied to me. I was so worried when Veronica told me where you were and that when I got there, there was a huge fight. And I should be pissed at you, I want to be pissed at you but I just can't." You sniffled. "With everything going on you can't lie to me again."
"I won't. I promise." Reggie assured you before pulling you into a hug.

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