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"Reggie, you - stop you shit!"
Constantly pushing each other while you walk besides each other
"Can you not?"
Reggie always doing small things to provoke you
Hiding your clothes after a shower
"Reggie wha- Give me my clothes back!"
Constantly mimicking you
"Can you actually not." "CaN yOU aCTuaLlY nOT."
Constantly slapping his arm (he can't feel it because have you seen those arms?)
"I will actually break up with you, like now." "You won't, you love me."
Impersonating him and wearing his jersey
Reggie having a sook because "he doesn't sound like that."
Kisses after the whole ordeal is finished
"I can't believe you said you were gonna break up with me."
"I will if you don't shut up."
"I love youuuuu."

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