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Y/N and her boyfriend Reggie were walking down the halls of Riverdale High hand in hand. Students were throwing their books into their lockers and fled outside, making it clear they wanted as fast as they could out of this building and spent their weekend far away from school. The couple climbed into Reggie's car as he asked, "What do you want to do now?"
At the sight of her boyfriend's loving but big smirk, her heart sank into her stomach. She hadn't been in the mood to go out since her parents were constantly fighting and she was afraid, one of them would be gone when she comes home and she had no chance to say goodbye or stop them.
With a weak smile, she spoke up, "Ehm, I am not feeling well. I just want to stay home." As Reggie opened his mouth to ask if he could come along, she continued. "Alone. I really just want to be on my own right now." "Well how about you go out of my car then." Her heart broke a bit as he said it harshly and began to stutter, "Wh-hat do you me-ean?" Reggie rolled his eyes, "I mean what I said. You have been acting stranger later and you don't want to go out anymore. I even think you are cheating on me."
Something exploded in her at his accusing. "Are you mad? How did you get this idea?" Y/N was furious and a vein was throbbing in her forehead. "Chuck said-," "Chuck?" At the mention of this guy, the bomb exploded. "Chuck is an asshole, who is nothing but a sexist and bully. How come you listen to him rather than talking to me about your accusations."
Reggie opened his mouth once again, but she stopped him by unbuckling her seatbelt, ready to step out of the car. "Where are you going?" Reggie demanded, only getting a dirty glance from his girlfriend. "I am going to walk home, just like you wanted it. You can hang out with your best friend Chuck. Have fun," she told him sarcastically and shut the door behind her.
With a frown and few tears, Y/N stomped away from her boyfriend's car. As Reggie realized what she was doing, he jumped out of the car and ran after her. "Y/N, babe! Wait." Frustrated, she turned around and glared at him. "What babe?" "I am sorry-" "You are sorry for what, huh? Talking to the worst person in this city, accusing me of cheating or throwing me out of the car? However, I don't care. I am sick of everything falling apart and I only can stand by and watch, without being able to do something."
Reggie didn't know what to say and stared at her with teary eyes. "I am sick of it. Of everything. So, please just leave me alone because I can't handle this right now." Without another word, Y/N turned around and walked home alone in a storm of tears.
He watched her walk away in the direction of sunset and as she was gone from his sight, he turned to his car and kicked it. At the stinging pain, he flinched before entering the car again. For the next hour, Reggie just drove through the town, not knowing where to go. But after a while, he felt where his heart belonged to. To Y/N, his girlfriend. He sped down to her house and ran up to her porch.
As his heart began to calm down, he finally heard it. Screams. Reggie moved up his fist to knock on the door repeatedly, but it sank as he heard Y/N raise her voice. "Could you just stop? I don't know how long I can take this anymore. All of your fighting! My boyfriend already thinks I am cheating on him because I don't want to leave this house, knowing that you guys fight all the time and someone could leave."
Her heartbreaking words shattered his heart in millions of pieces. It was now clear to him, why she has been so distant lately and all he has done was accusing her of cheating and making everything worse. Reggie finally found the courage to knock on the door as the sounds of her sobs became louder. With hesitation, Y/N opened the door and her jaw dropped at the sight of her boyfriend. "Did you-?" "I head everything." His shoulders slumped and he moved his hands into his jeans pockets. "I am really sorry. I am such an ass instead of being a good boyfriend-,"
Before he could continue, Y/N threw herself at him, starting to sob again. The house became completely silence, making not only her parents realize how much they have damaged, but also making Reggie realized how much he got.

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