My Mother Will

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It would always go like that.It had become a pattern. Reggie would get in a meaningless fight with someone he didn't like, for no apparent reason, and you would try to patch him up. But he would not let you do it. You usually tried to fight him about him, telling him how someone needs to do it, but him, being more stubborn than a donkey, would stop you before you even started it.
So, as it was obvious, once again, the boy you loved all so much found himself in a fight with the Serpents, and more specifically Sweet Pea. They fought once before because Archie, being the kind of asshole he is, was an arrogant piece of shit and went to the Southside waving around a gun to their faces. But this time it was a bit different. Southside High was being shut down and it's students were sent to the other schools in the area,scattered around here and there. You and Veronica, as asked from principal Wetherbee, decided to try and welcome the new students to their new school, but as it was expected Cheryl and her gang, including your boyfriend, Reggie, had other plans for the newcomers.
The truth is, you tried to prevent this. You tried stopping your stupid boyfriend from having another fight, simply for thinking he's better than those kids, simply because one of them didn't know when to stop talking, but he wouldn't badge. Of course, all of them made the situation worse. They were not exactly the type of people to hold back from raging you.
"Of course, the bad boy over there needs this tiny ass girl to hold him back from a fight. As if he could do anything to us anyway." Sweet Pea was the one to say this and to say Reggie didn't already hate him would be a lie. He was the one to dare knock on Archie's door that night and start the fight, that Veronica had to end by shooting a gun in the air.
"Don't you da-" "Reggie, stop. You'll get in trouble. Don't fall on that level. Don't do them the favor." You tried reasoning with him and for a second it worked. He looked into your eyes and he was calmer than before. The second Sweet Pea opened his mouth, though, everything got out of control.
"Yeah, chicken out, bad boy. Don't fall on that level! Listen to your little bitch."
In that moment Reggie was a whole different person. His eyes were not their usual brown colour, but rather a red, a fiery red, just like hell. It was one thing to call him a chicken, but to disrespect you was on a whole other level that he would not accept.
"I told you not to fight him god damn it! Now look at you, Reg! Just look at you!" You were frustrated, He never listened to you, no matter what. You tried so bad to help but he ignored your plead every time. As if you weren't even there.
"What do I look like now, Y/N?" He seemed annoyed of your every word, angry even, as if you were his mother, scolding him cause he didn't do the chores you made him do.
"Well, to begin with, you look like a big idiot! You gave him exactly what he wanted and now, besides being bruised and bloody all over your face you are also expelled and removed from the team so, good job Reggie! Go on like that!" You were mad. No, no, scratch that,you werer livid.
You moved away from him, walking to his bathroom to get the first aid kit. You didn't care how much he'd protest, this time you were patching him up, like it or not. You were going to strap him down if necessary.
"Where are you going, angel?" Angel. He used that nickname only when he knew he fucked up and this time he for sure did. He was afraid that because of it there was not forgivness this time. That you would walk away and not come back.
"To get the first aid kit, you idiot. I'm not leaving you, yet."
"You don't have to do anything, angel. Just stay here in my arms, please. I'll do it my self later."
"Reggie-" "No! I said no! I'll clean up myself! I don't need the help."
"Reggie, for fuck's sake, would you stop being an ass for just one second and let me help you?! I'm dating you, you are my fucking boyfriend! If I don't patch you up, who will?" Your hands were flying all over the place, the exasperation dripping from your every word. You were growing tired of this.
"My mother will." He replied, a cheeky grin on his face as he approached you and simply kissed your lips softly.
"Fuck you Reggie Mantle."
"Oh, you will, Y/N Y/L/N!"

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