You Forgot Something

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Football practice was now over and Reggie couldn't wait to go home and relax. He unlocked his car and tossed his backpack onto the passenger seat before getting in and closing the door.
He was going to drive off when he looked into his rearview mirror and something red on the backseat caught his eye. Reggie knew exactly what it was and he smirked to himself.
He grabbed the red object and placed it into his backpack. While backing out of the parking spot, Reggie had decided he was going to make one stop before going home.
While making his way over to his destination, he couldn't help but think about what happened two days ago.
Reggie got out his car and made his way onto the porch of (Y/N)'s house. He rang the doorbell and patients waited till the door opened to reveal (Y/N). "Hi Reggie" she smiled.
"Woah, uh hey (Y/N). You look beautiful" Reggie complimented as they made their way to his car.. "Is Reggie Mantle going soft? I'm kidding, thank you" (Y/N) joked. Reggie smirked and opened the door for her, "I'm not soft and never will unless I'm with you".
(Y/N) watched as Reggie got in and started the engine. The two listened to music as they made their way to Pop's. After ten minutes, the car came to a stop and the two walked into Pop's.
An Hour Later...
"I still can't believe you punched Chuck. Why did you punch him?" (Y/N) questioned. Reggie looked down at his knuckles then her, "He was talking shit and I didn't like what he was saying" He answered honestly.
"When is he not talking shit?" (Y/N) asked and Reggie chuckled, "True". He looked at her in awe and he sighed, "Can I tell you something?".
(Y/N) nodded, "Yeah, of course you can", she leaned forward and Reggie looked at her, "I punched Chuck because he was talking about you" he confessed. (Y/N) looked at Reggie slight confused but mostly shocked, "You did?".
Reggie nodded, "Yeah, I did. He was talking bad about you and it pissed me off.  I know people think that I'm a grade-a-asshole all the time and a man whore but I changed. I noticed I changed the way I acted when I met you and I understand why you said you didn't want to go on a date with me when I've asked before" He explained.
"I never thought you were a man whore, you can be an asshole but I know you Reggie and that's not the real you" (Y/N) butted in. Reggie smiled appreciatively, "Uh, what I'm trying to get at is I like you, I've liked you for quite a long time now actually, hence why I was so persistent on asking you out" He admitted.
(Y/N) smiled widely, "I've like you for god who knows how long and I never thought I would hear you say that". (Y/N) rested her hands on top of Reggie's and that caused Reggie to grin.
He looked at their hands and intertwined them, then looked up at her. (Y/N) watched as Reggie leaned over the table and looked at her lips then her eyes, "Can I kiss you?".
The question made (Y/N) nod and she leaned forward to meet half way and the gap between their lips was filled. Reggie softly kissed (Y/N) and he pulled away, "Woah, I've wanted to do that for a while".
The two decided it would be a great time to pay and leave considering it was getting late. "Bye Pops!" they exclaimed as they walked out the door and made their way to Reggie's car.
They got in and Reggie wanted to surprise (Y/N) by taking her to Sweet-water river to stargaze. When the car stopped, (Y/N) was confused, "What are we doing here?".
"We are here because I thought tonight would be a good night to lay out here and look at the stars" Reggie answered, "I didn't know you liked stargazing" (Y/N) commented.
"I like to come out here and look at how beautiful they are, I find it peaceful. Want to know what my favorite stars to look at are?" He asked which caused (Y/N) to become curious.
"What are you favorite stars to look at?" She asked, "The stars in your eyes" He smiled widely, "That was cheesy but it was cute" She laughed. "I know it was but I mean it".
"I'm going to get the blanket out so we can lay down" Reggie informed and was about to open the car door but (Y/N) placed her hand on his arm, "Reggie". Reggie turned around, "What's wrong?" he asked concerned.
Instead of getting a reply, (Y/N) leaned over and kissed him passionately. She pulled away, "Nothing, I just want to say thank you for everything". "Only want the best for you" He replied.
He looked at her lips and before she knew it, she felt his hands cup her face and he pulled her for a kiss. (Y/N) kissed him back and she felt Reggie's tongue slid across her bottom lip.
She parted her mouth slightly and felt Reggie's tongue battle with hers. "Backseat" Reggie said in between kisses which caused them to pull away for a few seconds and the two teens quickly got in the back of the car and reconnected their lips.
Reggie gently pushed (Y/N) to lay down and he kissed his way down her neck. His hands trailed down her waist and landed at the bottom of her shirt, he tugged on it and pulled away to take it off of her.
Reggie smirked when he looked down to see her shirtless in just a bra and jeans. "Your boobs look amazing" He commented, "Don't you mean I look amazing?" (Y/N) asked which caused Reggie to tease her, "No, I legit meant your boobs".
"There's the Reggie everyone knows and loves" She sarcastically joked, Reggie chuckled, "I'm kidding, you look amazing not your boobs". He leaned down again and attached his lips to hers once again. Soon clothes were scattered all over the inside of Reggie's car.
Reggie smiled to himself as his car came to a stop in front of (Y/N)'s house. He got out the car and grabbed his backpack and jogged up the stairs and rang the doorbell.
The door opened to reveal (Y/N)'s mom. "Reggie, it's nice to see you. What are you doing here?". Reggie smiled, "Hi Mrs. (L/N), I'm here to see (Y/N), she forgot something in my car last night after out date".
"Alright, she's in her room. You can go up there" Her mom smiled as she moved to the side to let Reggie in. Reggie took his shoes off and made his way up the stairs towards (Y/N)'s bedroom.
He knocked on the door but got no answer and decided to open the door. The door revealed (Y/N) standing in her bra and underwear and she screamed lightly.
"Oh my god, why are you naked?! I mean not that I mind but still" Reggie closed his eyes and (Y/N) quickly threw on clothes. "You can look now" she informed.
"I'm so sorry (Y/N), I didn't know. You're mom didn't tell me you were changing. I mean it's nothing I haven't seen but that was uncalled for" Reggie mumbled.
"Reggie, it's fine. Don't worry about it" She smiled. "What are you doing here anyway?" She asked. "Here to drop off something you forgot last night" He smirked.
"I didn't forget anything" (Y/N) argued, Reggie opened his backpack and pulled out the red material, "Are you sure?". (Y/N)'s eyes widened, "Is that my underwear?".
"Yes, yes it is. I mean how can I forget and I'm pretty sure you can't forget a night like last night" He teased. "Correct but I couldn't forget it because it was a perfect date" She corrected.
(Y/N) took her underwear out of Reggie's hand and turned back to look at him. "Speaking of date, I was wondering if you wanted to go on another date tonight?" He asked.
"I'd love to" (Y/N) answered and Reggie grinned, "Great, I'll pick you up at seven tonight". He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her, "Don't think it'll end like the other night" She joked.
"I don't care for that, only thing I care for is you. I don't want you to think all I want is sex because that's not true, I like you for you, nothing else" Reggie responded which caused (Y/N) to grin.

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