Make Up Junkie

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You and Reggie had been together for a years now
You were always there for him, cheering him on in any sport he was playing
And he supported you in everything you did
He even volunteered to be your very own personal guinea pig
So, when you thought you wanted be a baker, he ate whatever you made
Even if was the worst thing he ever put into his mouth
"Babe, you know I love you right?" he asked
You frown, "that bad?"
"don't worry. You'll find something you're good at"
You also tried art
You loved colors and making them work together
But you weren't patient enough for all the intricate details
It was starting to get very frustrating not being able to find your 'thing'
One day Reggie came over while you were doing your make-up
He was getting impatient waiting for you to finish
So he just watched as you apply it all
"Jesus Christ y/n, no wonder it takes a hundred years for you to get ready. How many different products did you use?"
You laugh because he's right then you start naming off all the different types of products you use and what they are for "... eyeshadow primer, blush, highlighter... and there's also different kinds of lip products. You have gloss, matte..."
Reggie just looked confused the whole time
"Well, you sound like you know what you're talking about"
He studied your face and was thinking hard
"What?" you ask
"Have you ever thought about doing that professionally?"
"Make-up? No, it's just something I like to do for myself"
"I think you could do it if you wanted to"
You thought about it for a second
"I've never done anyone's makeup but my own"
"I'll be your model" he volunteers
Applying makeup on someone else was harder than it looked but you were starting to get the hang of it
The first couple of times you didn't let Reggie see his own face
You weren't confident enough yet
But once you practiced some more you finally let him see himself
"Damn! I look so good! I'd fuck me"
You laugh and slap his arm
"seriously, how'd I do?"
"I think I look amazing"
Reggie would get excited whenever you wanted to practice some more
It got to the point where you and Reggie would try different products together
He even got super into skin care
One day while Archie was talking to you and Reggie he said something unexpected that made you laugh so hard
Reggie interrupted Archie, "Archie I'll say this in the nicest way possible... bro you really need to moisturize"

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