Chapter 4:Friendship can never break

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Ryouko's POV

"What is this weird feeling?"-Ryouko whispered

"You are abandoned by your family,Right?"-A mysterios voice said

"Huh,Who was that?"-Ryouko asked then she look at the baby

"Is that you?.....It can't be?-Rypuko asked

"Yes.It can"-The baby said with a weird smile

"What the......!"-Ryouko shouted


"Huh,Did you hear Ryouko's voice?"-I asked

"Yes,I heard it"-Okumura said

"So,Let's go"-Yukiteru said 

Then they run faster

Ryouko's POV

"I know that you're father don't like you then someday you're friends will abandoned you also"-The baby said

"That's not true my friends love me"-Ryouko said

"We cannot tell that"-The baby said                                                                                                                     *Yes that's right.If her body cover in darkness her power will become mine.*

Then they made it in the library

"Stop right there"-I shouted

"Huh,No one is in here,except Ryouko and that child''-Yukiteru said

''Wait a minute.Look at the child"-I said

"I saw it.It's like the child is surrounded by a black magic'-Okumura said

"I am always alone"-Ryouko whispered 

"That's Right you are alone"

"That kid can talk?"-Yukiteru

"Curses.Those three guardian saw us"-The child said

Then the 3 guardians plan a attack

After that they attack.

First,Okumura throw a book on the child but it misses.                                                                                             Then,Yukiteru try to hit the child with the chair but it doesn't work.                                                                         And the last Reiko try to punch the child but  it doesn't work either.                      

"Are you three are idiots if you try to kill me.You're friend will die too."-The child said

"Why?"-Okumura asked

"Because we're connected now"-The child said

"That is it"-I said madly 

Then Reiko suddenly have flame in her hands then throw it to the child

"How did she do that?"-Okumura asked

"Cool XD"-Yukiteru said

Then Reiko hit the child with her flames but it doesn't work

"Hah! fire can't work on me!"-The child said

"W-What is this feeling?"-The child said

"Hah,Now I know your weakness"-Ryouko said

"What how did you.....?"-The child said

"You're power is weak that I can take over my whole body"Ryouko said

Then Ryouko suddenly have lightning in her hands then she suddenly electrified the child.After that the child vanished and became a ash.

"I'm glad that is finish."-I said

"But how did you know that?"-Yukiteru asked

"The thing is I know you three will never abandoned me and you three will stay on my side."-Ryouko said

"You're right our friendship will never break : )"-I said with a smile

"Yeah : )''-Ryouko,Yukiteru and Okumura said with a smile

The end (Wait for the next chapter)

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