Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include

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Stealing his letterman jacket.
Supporting him at all of his football games.
Going to Pop's every day after practice and sharing a milkshake.
Makeout sessions.
Getting into a fight whenever he picks on Jughead.
Back hugs.
Your best friend Archie not liking that you and Reggie are dating.
But he eventually gets over it after seeing that the two of you actually have feelings for one another.
Almost breaking up after you see his name in the playbook.
But he swears that he's changed, so you give him another chance.
Him being over protective, especially when his friends jokingly hit on you.
Him getting in trouble at practice because he gets distracted by you.
A lot.
Everyone really liking the two of you together.
"What's your ship name? Can I make you guys a ship name?"
"Kevin, you are literally the last person I would ever let make us a ship name."
"Bughead? Seriously?"
Being way shorter than him and relishing in the height difference.
Especially whenever he wraps his arms around you and pulls you into a hug.
You can hear his heart beat, loud and strong, and it's like to music to your ear.
Instantly being put in a good mood the moment he looks at you with his adorable gummy smile.
Feeling really happy and proud when you realize that Reggie has changed and that he's truly becoming the amazing person that you always knew he was.

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