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Only one encounter changed my life Forever

They say an innocent heart is the best in the world. They say those who have an innocent heart are lucky

For me, it's a curse, because everyone uses it and plays with it, as they please. They play with me and take advantage of it

And my naive innocent heart allows it.


" N-No, No!! Don't-don't Leave me Please!. Please Keiren don't do this to me! " I cried and cried but still got no reaction from him.


"Open your eyes baby. Please i beg you " I screamed out of my mind seeing him bleed so much and not waking up. My face was coverd in tears as my hands were covered in blood

His blood.

I prayed and hoped that he would wake up and tell me that this isn't real. That everything is going to be alright.

Sweating and screaming I jolted up from my heavy sleep. It was just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. In an instant arms wrapped themselves around me hugging me tight and protective

" Hey-hey. Shhh baby it was just a dream, " his deep voice said making me relax a bit.

He suddenly picked me up and placed me on his lap, kissing my forehead while rubbing my back softly .

I slowly stopped crying and leaned on him trying to control my breathing . I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer and inhaling his addictive scent deeply.

" i-i thought i lost you. I-i thought y-you left m-me. The car hit you and y-you wouldn't wake up. You were bleeding so much!" i stuttered, fear lacing my voice.

I instantly burst into tears again . I couldn't handle the thought of losing him.

" Shh baby I will never leave you. Who will take care of my princess if i am gone?" he said softly kissing my temple.

" Promise you won't leave me? " I asked in a soft whisper, almost sounding like a baby

I looked into his eyes eagerly waiting for his response. I know he will never leave me. I know that but at this moment I needed to hear it from him

I saw something in his eyes that I couldn't quite explain, it was something I never saw in his eyes but it vanished in a split of a second before I could see what that emotion was . Maybe I am imagining things.

" I Promise Flower " he said while smiling softly at me and putting a strand of hair behind my ear. I snuggled more into his chest and hid my Face in his neck closing my eyes and sighing in relive. He will never leave me.


This prologue is a little different from the one I put on my story . I tried to put that one instead but it was too long so I just put it in the first chapter.

Love ya 😘

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