your first impression of them

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you met jaeden at the park. you thought jaeden was very kind. he respectfully asked you questions, not getting too personal as he just met you, bought you an ice cream cone, and even offered to walk you home. you said yes and he smiled all the way to your house.


you met finn out in public. you thought finn was awkward because he thought you were cute and was his age. of course he said yes to taking a picture with you. he asked you for your number and you said yes; resulting in him walking into a pole and having a red face.


you met wyatt at the movie theatre. you thought wyatt was weird because he would sing you're welcome and dance to the song from the moana sound track in the theatre, buying snacks, and the arcade. besides the weirdness, you made a new friend after that day and knew you two would have a long friendship.


you met jack fully on set. you knew who jack was and thought he was too energetic as he would act like he did when he was with the it cast. you loved his energetic ness and his dumb jokes. he would always make you and everyone on set laugh; you loved that. you two created a friendship over the time you two were on set together.


you met jeremy at baskin robbins (ice cream restaurant). you recognized jeremy from the new it movie and thought he was sweet. you asked him for a photo and he said yes. he offered to pay for your ice cream without hesitation. you sat with him and had an hour long conversation about video games, memes, etc. that day you and jeremy exchanged numbers and became friends.


you met sophia through wyatt. you thought sophia was pretty and really chill. you two hit it off and became friends as well. you loved her weirdness and how she offered to pay for your things whenever you went to the store with her. besides sophia being wyatt's friend, you enjoyed her and you were glad you met her.


you met chosen at your movie premiere. you thought chosen was friendly. he always smiled, was polite, and a good person. you sat with him during the premiere and after it you went to dinner. he was super sweet as he would pass you the food you wanted and asked you questions not too personal as he didn't know you fully yet.

hey! i hope you guys enjoyed this update and sorry for taking so long to update.

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